untitledSanam told me the best thing for me to right now it is to be selfish and focus on me.  I totally agree. The first step she urged me to do was sign up for hot yoga.  Its true. Right now, my life is work, then gym, then if my dates want to go out, they have to come to Ashburn after 9:30 or 10 so I can shower.  Weekends are for my girlfriends.

I have heard so many people swear by it, but I did not believe it until my first class. Unfortunately, the only time that can fit our schedule is an “advanced” class. Yeah…we were the people who had the teacher come back over and over to fix our positions, especially when we were working on doing the splits. The teacher kept saying to get out of the splits gracefully…um…I got stuck and just and to fall over to get out of it.

You do have to make sure you go to a good facility. The one in Ashburn opened just a few months ago and instead of using carpet, they have wood floors, which I think helps circulate the air better, so it does not smell.  I went to one in Utah and it smelled so bad that it was not even enjoyable.

I know am a believer now. It definitely cleanses the soul and the mind.  The first day I went was when the government officially shut down.  There was a part in the yoga class where they tell you to let everything go, to live in the moment and be at peace. I think it was the first time in a very long time that I just felt content.

After I walked out of class, I felt amazing. I definitely understand how people become hippies. During the class I really felt free. I said, who cares about the government shutdown, who cares about my past, I forgive everyone who has hurt me…I’ve accepted that I’ll never have S back in my life, I  may never see my money again and its ok that I’m single.

If you are in Ashburn, definitely check out Flow Yoga. Here is the schedule.

I am on a 3 month…new me challenge. Whoever wants to join is welcome to!

October- Hot Yoga

November- Insanity

December- LA Boxing

January- Shari truly wants me to do pole dancing

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  1. I looooove yoga! I haven’t tried hot yoga; however. I get plenty sweaty in power/ashtanga classes! I would say be careful to not go to a class above your level; I have been doing yoga on and off for two years and an advanced class would be way too hard for me.

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