Friendship: A Mosaic of the Faces in my World


The dictionary defines friendship as the following:

Everyone defines it in their own way. No matter your definition, there is no denying that friendship is the most valuable thing in life.  Over the past few years, I have said it over and over again.  

I must have done something right in my past LIVES, not just one life to have as many amazing people who helped teach, support, and mold me into the person I am today.  You know me better than I know myself. You believe in me during moments where I gave up on myself.

As I put this mosaic of everyone who has supported me through so many tough times in my life, it brings me to tears how lucky I am. All of them know, I do not easily cry.

Friendship is not made up by the amount of times you see each other at a gathering, how many people are in your pictures, or the millions of happy memories you have together.  Nor does it matter the amount of money that is spent throughout the friendship.  It is easy to be someone’s friend when life is good.

True friendship is defined by a few pivotal moments in the relationship, that becomes an unbreakable bond.  It is when something major happens in your life and you need someone.  In those times, you will discover some people you thought would be by your side turns their back, while people you didn’t expect…step-up to the plate and become your strongest ally.

Think of your life and friendship as a roller-coaster with hills and drops. Everyone is fine holding your hand next to you on the way up to the top. But the moment the drop happens, either that person will let go or continue to let you squeeze their hand even if it hurts.

It is people who will pick you up at any hour if you are stranded on the side of the road. Those who are there through your health issues, a broken heart, death of a friend or family member, when the car breaks down, or you lost your job. Sometimes, honestly nothing major happened, but you go through a life-crisis feeling lost, confused, unaccomplished. The friends who are there to pick up the shattered pieces and glue you back together again…they are priceless.

And these type of friends help you without needing anything in return.  There are no Facebook check-ins saying “Being selfless and paid for my friend’s dinner because she needs a pick-me up.”  Or selfies on Instagram showcasing their get together, unless the person in-need wants one.  Because in that moment, it’s about you.

Being a good friend is one of the hardest job you will ever have.  It’s as important than being a good child, sibling, and a parent.

Behind the scene of every great friendship includes the following:
  • Hours upon hours of phone calls and thousands of messages 
  • Late night drives to someone’s house just because
  • Dance parties…with some of the sexiest moves ever (just kidding)
  • Being absolutely ridiculously silly, dramatic, and true to yourself
  • Random coffee dates to occupy their mind and laugh at who is fighting to pay
  • Listening to every story without judgement and giving advice without bias
  • Telling the truth even if it hurts because their is no use in sugar-coating
  • Wiping their tears away using a sleeve because tissues were not available
  • Re-living moments in your friendship together and thinking…wow look at how far we’ve come
  • Hating someone just because they hurt your friend, just like Charlotte in Sex and the City where she cursed the day Big was born after leaving Carrie
  • Never knowing what may be asked of you next from a simple, “Can you take me to the airport this weekend?” to “I need you to try to find info on this person for me, but I can’t do it because he may see I looked him up?”
  • Sending positive quotes, prayers, and surprise notes
  • Read in between the lines. Sometimes when someone says “I’m fine” with a giant smile, they are very good at hiding the truth
  • Learning everyone’s quirks, likes, and dislikes and loving them for exactly who they are

To have one is like winning the Powerball Jackpot, which is about ONE in 292 MILLION. The chances of being eaten by a shark in a lake is more likely and yet somehow I have won the jackpot dozens of times.


And last, but not least…the face of everyone in my life who over the years has stood by me through all my ups and downs.  The people I laugh until it hurts, my Kleenex when I cry, life coach, partner in crime, my everything.
Some have known me for my entire life and some a short while, but the length of time did not deter you from being there when I needed you.  And I want you to know, I appreciate and never for a moment forget how you have touched me with your unconditional love and kindness.

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