Those who know me understand that I surround myself with wonderful people. Idk what I did to deserve so many positive and supportive friends, but I did.

I was talking to my best friend who teaches elementary and she mentioned how so many of the girls in her class put stipulations on friendships at 5 years old.

Before you get upset with a friend over something petty remember when you form a true friendship…you have made a contract with them, which includes…

Communication. We all get busy and may not be able to talk everyday, but if there is an emergency…it is your duty as a friend to.make time. I know once when I was having a quarter life I sent an email to my best friend, Sawaiba in England and within 15 minutes I got a call on my cell.
Dutch? You should never feel obligated to pay for your friend, but it is such a wonderful way to thank them to pay for a coffee or dinner. With true friends, it will always be a battle who pays because you both want to, so it comes down who takes out their credit card faster. Friends should never count down to the pennies.
Gifts. Life is not about what ur friends get you…its about the thought. A true friend may not be able to get a big gift every year (we have all struggled with money), but they will remember your birthday every year. My best friends from Jr high…amber, Michelle, Corrine,Emma, and Alyssa to name a few have never forgotten in nearly 13 years of friendship.
Listening ear. When a friend is in need… You need to be the person who they can confide in. Be a neutral platform who can reason with their struggles and give sound advice.
Surprises. Like a romantic relationship…both have to keep to love alive. Make that effort to send something as simple as an Ecard on a random day.

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