Goodbye 2013…You were a pain. Hello 2014!

My co-worker/friend Mian and I were talking about how glad we are that 2013 will be over. A fresh start in 2014 and honestly I am so excited for new opportunities, new friendships that I gained in 2013 that will continue to blossom in 2014 and being fully 100% ready to open my heart and love again.

Why 2014 is already looking up and hopeful!

1.     Passport please! Already have a few great trips planned: Jamaica, Dubai to see my best friend, Iowa, NYC, Cancun, Belize, Honduras, and another location with SSEB that is still unknown.
2.     Why work is amaze?  If you know me, I’m creative, flighty, and spontaneous, so it’s strange that I ended up in budget work.  I am so lucky to be one of the few to say, I love my job, there are very few days that I don’t want to go in and that’s because I’m not feeling well, but I have a great team…We are like a family.  My life is surrounded with making excel sheets pretty and much more, but our Finance team just won a huge award and it is amazing to be recognized for all our hard work, especially in this budget climate (Who would have ever said I would say that).  
3.     Where am I going for work? I got put on several new teams, including one that focuses internationally and new internal teams. I am so excited. New year, more responsibilities, but amazing opportunities to grow.
4.     Amazing friends.  Wow, all I have to say is my friends are the best people in the world. Most people have a handful of friends that they can count on. In my life, I’m blessed with over 40 friends that would drop everything at a drop of a hat to come to me and I’m ready to go out and make new friends.
5.     Sweetest parents.  They are literally the sweetest parents in the entire world. They love me so much and I love them. They are kind to everyone, supportive, caring, and truly I am beyond lucky to have parents that I say are adorable. Looking at their relationship shows me what love is, looking at my dad shows me what a man should do for a woman.
6.     New car. With the accident…I think I’m going for a CRV. Done and done. I’ve wanted that for a while and now it’s finally coming my way, again not in the way that I wanted.
7.     New home.  Sanam came over one day and we were talking about my house. Well, we decided it’s time to move again and find a newer home with a garageJ.  First off I feel safer; secondly, I do not have to brave the cold. 
8.     To love again.  I cannot wait to fall in love again, get the butterflies, have the person who you can depend on, and this time, I will know how to see the red flags much earlier. 

Why am I saying goodbye to 2013, which was a pain in my ass? 

1.     Car Accident.  This happened right before 2014 came…so apparently 2013 thought I needed one last grand finale before we moved onto 2014.  I was lucky to come out from the car accident with just a few injuries. It has been said by the firefighters, doctors, friends, etc…when they see those pictures, they wonder how I escaped. I joke and tell them it’s because I’m small and can hide in small spaces, but honestly, angels, it just was not my time to go. But the car accident has become a never-ending drama in my life. 3 days a week of physical therapy is no fun.
2.     Money Black Hole. All I have to say was this year was super hard financially. I was living paycheck to paycheck.
3.     A horrible break-up. They say the way a man breaks up with a woman shows more of his character than anything he did during the relationship.   I never imagined how the end of our relationship could play out and honestly, no one else expected that from him either.  Unfortunately, I loved him so much, but he never truly loved me, he never loved me enough to move things to the next level or wanted to keep fighting for us, I was someone who he could walk away from without a second thought after 2 years. 
4.     Forgetting me.  When I was in the relationship, my entire world focused on him. I forgot who I was as an individual. I also forgot what I used to tell my friends about walking away from a man who does not treat you well. I do not regret the break-up, I regret spending 1 month begging him back, 2 more months trying to get the check that he owed me for a vacation that he ruined and being stupid enough to pick up the phone and listen to him feeding me lies that he did love me, still loves me, and let me go to be happy, blah, blah, blah.  Finally, taking another 3 months to realize I deserve so much better, a million times better.
5.     Biggest regret.  What was my biggest regret of 2013?  Not taking a chance with Sexy Pumpkin Spice Latte. Remember him from a previous post?  I met him at my Starbucks about 3 weeks after I was single and when he asked me to be exclusive, I got scared. I was so unattached, I never even cared to learn his name, my plan was just to look on his credit card one day to find out, but he always took care of the bill before I even got to the restaurant because I was late. I was so scared to have my heart broken again when he asked, but 6 months later, it’s my biggest regret. I should have jumped in.  He was such a good guy. It was during my hot mess stage when I went out all the time, he would ask where I was and I would tell him, but being the free spirit I roamed from place to place. He chased me throughout DC and VA on a regular basis and never complained. He also drove from Springfield to Ashburn to see me. Sanam told me to text him on NYE, I did and surprise he did not respond, but I would not respond to me after I treated him like that too.
6.     Crazy dating stories.  Even though it may be entertaining for all those who read this. I am speechless and the amount of crazy dating stories. Shari thinks I need bug repellent to downgrade my black magic.  Who falls for me this quickly?  That’s what I’m so confused about, I am so non-committal and yet these men can’t leave me alone. 2014 is going to come down to choosing 1 man again.

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