Today I received something in the mail that allowed me to close a chapter in my life. After today, it’s all about positivity.  Before, my blog was full of funny stories about S, then sad ones about the break-up and funny dating stories.  I’ll still have funny dating stories, but now will be about happy things.

This week, here is what I am happy for:

1- Red Lipstick. Love it!
2-Gold’s Gym. It has definitely been my savior to go to the gym with Sanam each night.
3-Amazing friends. I really must have honestly done something right in my life to have so many great people who has stood by my side. When hard times come around, it’s when your true friends shine and bad friends fail. I have not had one friend who failed. They have all proved to be true friends…through the good and the bad.
4-Officially been in the Government for 1 year!  I am set for life now.
5-Reality TV. Best to come home and just watch these shows. Your life never seems as bad.
6- Peace. Two years of love for a man, who was great during our relationship, ended things right. For 3 months, I had so much anger and pain because he held onto this check that he owed me. I don’t know if it was as much about the money as the fact that he could do that to me. That he wanted to hurt me. Now, he ended things right and everything is a clean slate. Through him, I have made some great friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. I thank him for teaching me to love, for loving me, and two years of fantastic memories. I never regret the two years. Relationships end, maybe not so dramatic, but they end. Neither party is to blame, you cannot force a man to love you and you cannot force him to see a future with you when he does not. I am able to accept that he did not love me to fight, to try and do what he can to keep me. Even if a mistake was made, to do everything in his power to make it right and take me back. I could not give him what he needed to keep him happy, I hope and wish him that he finds happiness. That we both find happiness. Now it is time to move on.

When one door closes another one opens. I hope a door opens to a great future for both of us.

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