Amber's Visit- July 2011 (13)

Happy Birthday Amber! Here is to another year and I hope it will be a very memorable one.

I have been thinking of the perfect gift for my best friend, Amber Blair (Blackhurst), but nothing can even compare to the friendship she has provided me. Amber and I have been BFFs for 15 years. She is my longest and my most loyal friend. She is my therapist, my support, my shopping buddy, my walking friend, and most importantly, my emergency contact.

We met in 7th grade as we were assigned to the “Gator” group. Who would have ever known back in our awkward stages in life that our friendship would continue for as long it has. She has been with me through each heartache, life decision, and move. What can I say…I love her.

Here are my top 5 memories with Ambs:
• Talking for hours back in the day with dial-up, so her brother would disconnect the phone to get us off the line.
• Making Easter eggs together each year. I have missed doing that.
• Going to her house and sitting by the piano to sing together
• Nicknaming me “Lird”
• Each year I give her an ornament for Christmas. She keeps a “Linda” section on her Christmas tree.

Here are the top 5 qualities I love about her:
• Kind hearted
• Amazing listener
• Empathic
• Unbiased when giving advice
• Loyal

Ambs…You are the definition of a best friend. I know if something happened to me, you would figure out a way to help me. We don’t always talk as much as we used to, but I love you very much. Happy Birthday my dear friend and I hope that next year we can celebrate together.

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