Happy Halloween and attempted/failed grand theft auto

I was at Eden and this year, I did not go all out for Halloween. On Friday, I wore my pink leopard costume and Saturday, I just wore a stripped dress and told people I was a Sexy Where’s Waldo.

The best moments of the night:
Man 1: What are you supposed to be?
Me: Female Where’s Waldo.
Man1: It only took me 2.5 hours, but I found you.

Man2: I took a picture of you upstairs, do you remember?
Me: Nope
Man2: Come here, talk to me.
Man2: How come you don’t remember me?
Me: Because I’m an asshole.
Man2: Me too.
Me: You’ve never met an asshole like me.
Man2: Well nice to meet you Linda.
Me: How did you know my name?
Man2: Unlike you, I am an asshole that listens and you are an asshole that does not.
Me: Silence. I do not even know how to answer for being totally oblivious.

Well, we did not leave until about 3:30 AM. My car was valet in front of the place. I am walking towards my car with Shari and we get in. A few things seemed off…First off the key would not work.
• My pillow was missing; I thought the valet threw it in the back.
• Shari found a leather jacket from Forever 21 and asked whose it was. I said, maybe Marice.
• A picture of Jesus on the dashboard.
• Then I look up and I have an evil eye chain on the mirror. Well, I looked up and there were some hemp items hanging…That’s when I realized it was NOT my car.

I started to yell at Shari to get out and the doors were locked. I really panicked. We had a great laugh after, but ok, it was technically not my fault, the car looked so similar to mine and who leaves their car unlocked in DC?

Plus…I took a pic…it totally looks like my car right?  It’s a Honda.


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