Hotlanta…Ready or Not…I’m Here!

When Manish found out I was heartbroken, he told me to book a trip to see him and anything I want to do he will make it happen. Little did he know skydiving was on that list? He was such a trooper this weekend. I totally exhausted the poor guy. I think he felt like he was taking care of a child all weekend. I told him, I should have been born with a warning label: Extrovert, lives life, mover and shaker, and much more. Be prepared.

What I learned about Manish:
Stresses how important it is to have a proper breakfast each morning. I never have breakfast and it involves coffee and his involves orange juice.
Needs time to rest, he is definitely an introvert and needs “me time”
-Very careful, he says wait for the walk sign…I run across the street as soon as I see no cars.  Definitely a rule-follower and I’m a rule-breaker.
-Does not like to have his picture taken…period.
-Realist versus optimist and he likes football…total surprise to me.
-Quiet yet thoughtful and has a big heart

What he learned about me:
A ball full of energy. Even after everything we did, I kept asking to go on hikes or walks. He told me no thanks.
-I like to climb and explore things and he constantly has to tell me to be careful because he gets nervous.
-I love jumping pictures and tried to do it in a cave because it was cool. He refused to take the picture because he told me it was not safe. My rebuttal was that my twin would take my picture if she was here.
Do not let me have bottomless coffee. I can have 3 to 4 cups and then I am all over the place.
-Being quiet is really hard for me. I tried to not talk…it only lasted like 10 minutes.
-Likes to experience everything. At the aquarium, you can touch some sea animals. I asked if we can touch a sea turtle…his response…just because you can touch one thing does not mean you can touch everything. I also made him try all 60 flavors at Coca-Cola World. It made me so sick, but you have to do it. Also, if you go, you must try the Beverly.

Manish…I know we had quite an adventure filled weekend, but thank you for taking care of me and being such a good host. Thank you for such good memories, taking care of all the tickets, giving up your bed while you took the couch, and exploring Atlanta with me. Make sure to rest up before our next adventure.

In 3 days we did the following:
Coca-Cola World
Georgia Aquarium
Olympic Park
Buckhead area
Mid-town area
Ruby Falls and Skydiving in Chatanooga

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1 thought on “Hotlanta…Ready or Not…I’m Here!”

  1. Looks like it was a fun trip! I would’ve done everything with you EXCEPT skydiving. Your twin has her limits. Haha. Love you!

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