How Make an Entrance and Crack a Phone at the Same Time

This happened a few months ago, but I’m behind in updating y’all.

What can I say, I can’t go anywhere without making it memorable? Actually, no, I just fall a lot. One thing you should know about me is that gracefulness is not my cup of tea. I am pretty imbalanced and klutzy. Some say it’s endearing, while others are so nervous with the responsibility of having to protect me.

I also think I have really bad perception because turning corners are the worst. Sometimes my elbow or shoulder accidentally hits the wall and I ask myself, where did they come from?

Savoy asked me to go to lunch. I have been to DC Thai so many times with Polly, but I always follow her, so when I had to go by myself, I got lost.

Instead of a 10 minute adventure, it became a 30 minute hike to get there.

I was so excited, I walk towards the door and the pavement came up and hit me. Yes, it totally hit me and that is the story I am sticking with.

I was literally 2 steps away when I fell and it was not a light fall. I pretty much did the superman on the pavement: Sunnies flying, dress flipped up (Out of all days, I had to decide to wear a dress), Hello Kitty undies flashing (Yes, I was down to my few remaining pairs), my shoes glued to the ground and of course my phone cracking.

Obviously, I was super embarrassed because it happened right at lunch hour (high-traffic time), so I scrambled to pick-up my stuff and wandered upstairs. Savoy just looks at me and I show her all my wounds. I had to go to the bathroom to use paper towels and she just laughed when she saw me and of course she had to document the adventure.

The lesson as Savoy says is that no matter what obstacle comes in my way, I will still figure out how to make it to my final destination.

Here is her collage of my poor knees, elbows, dignity, and phone:


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