Many people believe that Asians know karate very well and we are ninjas.

The answer is obviously yes. I am an awesome ninja. You wonder why you have never seen my ninja skills? This is why!


As for karate kicks…well my parents made my studies my priority so I never got a proper lesson, but I was able to learn my karate kicks from Po via Kung Fu Panda. It was very intense, there were two parts: Kung Fu Panda I & II.

Po proved to me that it does not matter what shape, size, or experience you are, we can all learn to be a ninja, karate kicks and all.

One night, Savoy and I were hanging out and she did not believe how dangerous I could be. So I showed her my karate moves. Unfortunately, she did not take it seriously. In order, this is how it went down.  I tell her, she needs to be afraid of me…I can unleash my inner Po at anytime.   She’ll thank me later that I taught her how to block.

Ignore my position, all I am doing is kicking Savoy, but look at how she blocks it. Who knows, this could help you out someday when you are attacked!

  • Step 1– Try to grab the leg and spin the opponent to the ground


  • Step 2– Block them with your knee. Arm movements encouraged.


  • Step 3– Run away. When all else fails, run. If there is a weapon like ninja stars, run in zig zags so it’s harder to hit you.


  • Step 4– Apparently, the last step is not to take it seriously and laugh your way out of danger.  I would not recommend this step at all.  It’s all about DEFENSE!



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