How to lose a phone…On a bobsled

So the worst moment in Jamaica was when I lost my phone. How does that happen? Some drop it in the toilet or others leave it at a bar. Mine…flies out from a bobsled ride.

Moments before I lost my phone, my Twin and I were taking selfies with the bobsled. All of a sudden, the ride person said it’s starting, so I go ahead and put my phone tight between my thighs and thought it would work because I had nothing to put it in. The tour guide told us to leave everything on the bus. Wellllll…. The ride is much faster and bumpier than expected and on one of the turns…my phone flew into the jungle below.

I was devastated. When we stopped I told them. They sent two men down on the trail to look for my phone. They came back with no luck so we had to try to think where it had flown out. Several people came over to ask about it and again try to reassure me that they find stuff all the time. Lisa had taken a video of the ride so everyone was trying to see if they could see a giant glittery pink phone flying away. I was about to cry. The worst thing was knowing that all my pictures were lost. I was so upset at losing the pictures of my mom’s selfies. I was also trying to figure out how to get home…I was like Lisa I would have to go old school and use Google Maps.

After 2 hours and a team of 4 to 5 men scouring the trail and also me being taken out on the bobsled one more time so I could remember where it fell out of…I had accepted that it was going to be forever lost. They asked if they could call the phone. Unfortunately my phone was on airplane mode. I told them I only have my alarms set but they are at 5 am, 7 am, and 8 am so no one would be able to hear it. In the meantime the manager and the customer service person helped calm me down as well. They were like if we find the phone we will mail it back to you.

I said a little prayer at the edge of the infinity pool which my twin could not help but take a picture of. Right after I said it…The rain came down like cats and dogs. I told Lisa that’s it, my phone is gone. There is no way it could survive that much rain nor could the team find it. I even looked from the bobsled, I told Lisa that it is hopeless. We had Lisa’s phone as a backup so the entire staff there helped us recreate all our pictures we took at Mystic Mountain that day. We got to take pictures in the bobsled, at the top of the lookout tower, and with the dancers. I had to leave for Dunn’s Falls and told Lisa I would never see that phone again.

All of a sudden once we finished the falls my tour guide said she had good news. Someone found my phone. They drove me to pick up my phone from Mystic Mountain and hugged the guy. The only thing that happened to my phone was a missing cover and a small chip. It is a miracle. I wrote the company explaining what the staff did and if I could find the name of the guy who found it to send him a thank you gift. Also a great review on trip advisor.

Seriously, I have never met a team of people who worked harder to find something for someone they barely knew. This is one of the most touching moments of my life. These people spent hours searching for my phone. They were amazing. Who else would do that to find someone’s phone and that great of lengths? Who else would help recreate memories when we had to leave…This special team of people went above and beyond for two bubbly, care free, picture loving people. I will never forget these guys nor will I ever be able to express my gratitude to them. I know that a gift and thank you and sharing their amazing efforts with them will never be enough.

If this story does not help you restore faith in humanity I am not sure what else would.

My Twin documents our entire lives and as she said after I got my phone back…she’s like Twin…Please don’t be mad but I took a picture of you praying for the phone.  Awwwee…This is why I love my Twin.


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