How to make the most of 4 days in Costa Rica

Lisa tagged me in a Facebook post a few years ago. It was about a Boeing 747 made into a hotel. She said “twin, we have to do this.” I asked where and she didn’t know. After doing some Googling…this unique airplane hotel was located in Costa Rica and just like that this island made it on our bucket list.

This trip was not very strenuous, but it was absolutely the most memorable.

Things we learned about Costa Rica

  • It is much larger than you expect. Costa Rica may not look that big, but from one place to another can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours even though they look close on a map.
  • The roads are terrible. Lisa and I will never complain about taxes going to fix the roads again.  We have not been anywhere with so many potholes and dirt or gravel roads. It completely tore up our tires.
  • It is still very rural. When you think of being in the middle of the jungle. That’s what being in Costa Rica is like. It is still untouched by humans and tourism just yet.
  • Life here is simple. People live in a very simple manner and they all seem very happy.
  • The beaches are not close. Most people will fly into San Jose and the closest beach is hours away.
  • People are so nice.  One thing we have noticed from all our travels people here are the most helpful.  Everyone we met was so nice.
  • Most of the cities are small. San Jose was definitely the most well-developed city. The other cities are small and you can explore the entire city in about 15 minutes.
  • The roads are very confusing. There are a lot of roundabouts, one way streets and unclear road signs.
  • 4-wheel drive is a must. Our car rental place did us a disservice by knowing my plan and never recommending a 4 wheel drive. Our poor little car definitely struggled along with our knees.
  • The money is so cute. US dollars are so boring

10 Things to Do in Costa Rica

*Click on each for a recap of each place.

  1. Toucan Rescue Ranch
  2. Bajos del Toro
  3. La Paz Waterfall
  4. La Fortuna + Tabacon Thermal Spa + Mistico
  5. Monteverde
  6. Manuel Antonio
  7. Territorio de Zaguates*  Closed, make sure to call beforehand
  8. Poas Volcano*Closed because the volcano is active

Memorable Moments

  • Being on an emotional roller coaster and almost dying because the brakes on our car went out- Click for story here.
  • Laughing at making up a fake boyfriend
  • Learning they say Pura Vida for everything
  • Selfies
  • Being saved so many times because of this pocket wifi
  • Saying good-bye was so hard this time. For the first time in nearly 30 countries, I cried when I said good-bye to my twin
  • Finding random buildings and views

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