Idalia asked if I wanted to go to Virginia Beach on Aug 11-12 and I said yes. S joined us with hesitation at first because he said Ocean City is better. But I wanted to prove him wrong.

I absolutely love this girl! She used to visit there often for the past 6 years so basically she knows all the best spots. She was such a good tour guide and made our trip extremely memorable.

We stayed at the Days Inn…so I am going to pass on stating how great it is because it’s not a Westin. We did start the checking with s dropping his cologne and cutting his finger but he survived.  

We did a little beach time and made a big mistake by eating on the boardwalk…definitely make sure never to go to the Key West Grill. This place looks cute but the service is horrible! First off when a waitress comes to a table she usually takes everyone’s drink orders.  Not this waitress and we ordered 2 salads and a sandwich, it took over 1 ½ hours.  S got so hungry, he said he can go in the back and make it himself.

At night, we dropped our little girl (Idalia) off at her friend’s house and went off on our own. It felt a little weird without her but we were ok.  I felt a little bit of empty nest syndrome.

S and I found a great sushi buffet named Yukai for $14 a person. It had great food for a buffet and fast service. I have not been to a sushi buffet yet that served sashimi.

The next day we started our day with a walk on the beach and then s and I decided to rent a two person bike. The bike seemed easy, but it is one of the hardest things I have done. We had no choice, but to keep cycling down the boardwalk because Idalia was eating lunch 31 blocks down the boardwalk so we had to make it down there to pick her up. We had to take a break but it was worth it to be able to see her face when we pulled up in our first class bike.  She said in all her years she had never ridden on these bikes so it was a new experience for her.

This is the Idalia tour in a nutshell. Ps this girl knows how to enjoy life…

  1. Start with a tour of the city like the Town Center, etc…
  2. She always recommends the spa at Founder’s Inn
  3. Beach time is a must
  4. If you do want to lounge around by the boulevard, the best place to eat is Catch 31.
  5. The Macarthur mall is a great shopping place
  6. The harbor and USS Wisconsin is a must.  The ship is so large and it’s incredible to think of how skilled and in shape the men on the ship had to be!  The ship had so many random steps, I would trip over all the time. That is why I would not survive that life…please give me a mall.
  7. 7.      For a fancy dinner, Lynn Haven or she had a nice dinner at Bubba’s.
  8. 8.      Granby Street if you’re looking for some craziness
  9. 9.      She loves the bass pro shop near there, but we did not get to go this time
  10. 10.  On the way back to DC- Stop at Pierces for some delicious pulled pork sandwiches.  It was really good, S has it on his GPS as a favorite. 
  11. 11.  I would suggest Williamsburg, but both Soheil and especially Idalia axed the idea.  Booo…

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