Iceland: Golden Circle Tour

The Golden Circle is one of the most famous tours when visiting Iceland.  You can easily finish seeing all the sites in one day.  You can either take an organized tour or a self-drive tour.  I would recommend doing the tour yourself because you have a chance to explore.  Almost everything is free to visit and the main attractions are open 24 hours.

The Golden Circle stops by 3 main attractions: Strokkur, Gullfoss, and Thingvellir

Here is the route we took from Reykjavik:

Golden Circle

Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Learn more here.

Fontana Wellness

This is a hot spring located in the Golden Circle. It’s about 20 minutes from Gullfoss.  We had already gone to Blue Lagoon the day before, but the main reason we wanted to visit this was to watch them bake rye bread in the geothermal ground.  Yes, they have figured out how to bake break using natural heat.






They do the tour twice a day at 11:30 AM or 2:30 PM. To make a reservation, click here.

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Strokkur Geyser

Click here for more information.

Gullfoss Waterfall (Golden Falls)

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Learn more here.

There is also a coupon for free lamb soup if you spread the word via social media.  Here is us happy with our free soup.  Let’s face it anything tastes better when it is free.



Skalholt Cathedral
All we have to say is that this place has a creepy vibe.


Secret Lagoon

This is located in Fludir and just another small geothermal bath.  It is so secret that we couldn’t even find it without asking for directions.






Kerid Crater

This is a very interesting volcanic crater.  It’s so big and on the night I went, a couple went down to the bottom!  I have no idea how they didn’t get hurt.

It is actually listed as one of the most beautiful crater lakes in the world. Check out the rest here.


This is a tiny town that has a geothermal spring and also the place where there are the most greenhouses. Actually many other people come through to buy produce throughout the year.


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