Iceland: Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Western Iceland

This region includes the Westfjords and Snaefellsnes peninsula.  Snaefellsnes is famous for whale watching, seal watching, and an underground cave tour.  It also has extremely beautiful scenery.

We did not go to the Westfjords, but we did venture around Snaefellsnes.  Along the way, we made a few other stops as well.

Snaefellsnes is about 2.5 hours from Reykjavik.  When you take the road, you will most likely go through a tunnel, which has a toll on the other side. The toll is about $7 each way and they take credit card.

You will then pass through a few towns including Borgarnes, where you can get gas and grab a bite to eat before moving forward.

The landscape in this area is beautiful.  You get colorful valleys, beautiful rolling hills, and random waterfalls along the way.

Be careful, there are a few random speed cameras on the road up there.  I am pretty sure Lisa and I got tickets.  On the way back, I made sure to slow down way below the speed, but the line of cars behind me were speeding and I saw the camera click.  So sometime in the near future, a ticket will come with a beautiful mug shot of me and Lisa.

We stopped here to get directions and this cute little lady who didn’t speak much English tried to help.  Directions is my weakness, so that’s where Lisa comes into play.



This is a very cute town that you pass along the way up to the park.  It’s the best place to fill up on gas, get some food, and ask for directions before you continue to Snaefellsnes.

Here is more information on the town.

Hraunfossar & Barnafossar Waterfalls

Lisa and I got lost on the way up to the falls, so we stopped by a cute hotel to ask for directions.

Here we are at the waterfalls.

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Hotel Budir

This hotel is considered one of the most different hotels in Iceland.  It’s tucked away by itself in the countryside. We stopped here to get directions and it was absolutely adorable.

For more information, click here.




Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Seals tend to be seen at Ytri Tunga, but since it was raining non-stop the entire day, the seals didn’t want to come out to sun-bath, much to our disappointment.


Make sure to stop by the random waterfall right next to the road on the way towards Grundarfjorour.



We didn’t get to do this, but if you have time, you can book a cave tour here.

Tips: Be very careful driving.  There are speed cameras randomly placed. The roads are also narrow and windy, so I tend to drive in the middle. When Lisa asked me, I said it was to avoid falling down the cliff, but at the time she said it, the cliff was only a slight ditch, but still!

Here is the route we took:

West Iceland


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