Iceland: South Coast and Glaciers

South Coast and Glacier

The south coast of Iceland is so fascinating!  The landscape changes from lava fields one minute to grasslands the next, then to glaciers.


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We missed the time to go see the cliff because we got distracted checking out puffins, but if you had time, below you can walk to the arch.

Check out the information here.


Reynisfjara (Black sand Beach)

This is where we got to see the puffins.  I actually have seen black sand beaches in Santorini and this one was very pretty.

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Here we found puffins with their nests in the cliffs. We wanted to get a close up picture, but it entailed climbing up the cliff and it was legitimately a high cliff.  We started the climb and it was easy to climb up, but the problem was getting down.  Lisa was fine and very good at climbing up and down, while I had a lot of issues. I ended up gong down on my butt a lot and also I used a stick to help me balance, well….that stick broke.  Lisa heard the crack and the fall…haha.

Here is how far up Lisa climbed.


But it was worth it for THIS picture!



This is a cute town, but it is very small. There is a total of 4 restaurants in the entire place.

This is from the hotel we stayed at.



Here is the top of the town.


Skaftafell National Park



This is at the foot of the volcano. This is the famous volcano that erupted just a few years ago.  Here are more facts.


Svartifoss Waterfall

This is called the “black waterfalls,” and it is a hike to get up to the top, but totally worth it.  We discovered on the hike that most people are very serious about their hiking shoes.  We were the only two people wearing regular sneakers.


This is the first town after Vik. Use this opportunity to get gas before the next leg of your trip.  We also drove around because this random town is nestled in a green, grassy hill, while minutes before and after, it’s lava fields.  It is fascinating where and how Icelandic people build towns.


Random Artwork

On the way to the glacier there is a random stop with a sculpture in the middle of nowhere.  It’s pretty neat.

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Glacier Lookout

Before you reach the glaciers, you will see a few parking lots with large mounds.  Pull over because once you hike to the top and it’s a very short and easy hike. You get a view of the top of the glaciers.


Jokulsarlon Glacier

Gorgeous!  The glaciers here are over 500 years old!

Fjallsarlon Boat Tours

It was a mistake that we stumbled upon this boat tour.  Our tickets were for another boat tour, but the day that we went, they had cancelled all the tours, so I talked to the owner and he matched the price.

Here is us in our sexy water proof outfits for the tour.


I loved the fact that we took really small rafts into the glaciers because I got to hold one and touch the water and yes, I can confirm the water is freezing cold.



Here is a crystal clear piece of glacier. Look how clear it is!


We also learned that in the winter, they release hundred of sheep in the glacier and gather them in the spring.  I had endless questions like why?  How? What if you lose them?  What do they eat?  I am pretty sure he was like “these Americans.”

We had a great tour and I would definitely recommend it.  Check it out here.

Fun fact: 90% of the glacier is under the water.  That’s why the Titanic sank, they only saw the top.



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