Julia boulia…My ray of sunshine.

sunI call Julia my sunshine in the rain. She knew me when I was a youngster at my last job. We both became instant friends and we had the type of friendship everyone at work was jealous of. Seriously there were people jealous of us at work.

She is one of my truest friends that I would do anything for. Through our 7 years of friendship I have been by her side for each relationship and work changes in her life and I am so glad she had me to lean on and I hope she knows that will never change wherever I am in my life. I hope I never let her down in her time of need because she has always been there for me.

Julia has one of the kindest hearts that I know. She is by far the most mature person I know. She gives the best words of advice. Also she cherishes her friendships like an extension of herself.

When we are together we just laugh at everything…this girl knows me so well…when we go to a restaurant and I cannot decide..she picks my food usually it involves cheese.

I love her honesty, her love of JCrew, and her romantic heart. From my heartache, I have given up faith but she reminds me over and over again that true love does exist. Thank you for being cubie friends with me when on a reorg I moved to the 10th floor and staying friends after moving back to marketing, then packing my life and running to DC.

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