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Just another day in the neighborhood…Until someone asks for your number

One night I was headed to an event and I was really late.  People were already texting me that they were at the location and I was barely leaving my house.

I’m usually late, but even in my world, I was really late, but I had rented 3 red box movies the night before.  I stopped by the grocery store about 5 minutes away from me and that’s when I met G.

I dropped off my movies and walked out of the store focused on my phone.

All of a sudden someone said, I really like your dress.  I didn’t know he was talking to me, so I kept walking, but then he grabbed my arm and that’s when I was like oh he’s talking to me.

He was trying his best to make small talk and I excused myself.  Then he asked if he could take me out for coffee.  I told him no because I have no clue who he is and it’s stranger danger.  He laughed and said to give him a chance. All my friends said this only happens to me and G was extremely bold to do that and I agree, which is why I gave him a chance.

I told him if he could remember my number, he could ask me out and to my surprise he did. Well later I learned he has a photographic memory.


2014-06-07_09.58.14He asked me out everyday for almost a month before we went on a first date.  And I’m not going to lie, he was the first person that I had sparks with and our first kiss could not be any more romantic than if it was scripted in a movie.  He was the first person that I let a lot of my walls down for, I actually even called him from my office line once, which I never do.

I had no idea what to expect other than the fact that he was really good looking.  To my surprise, G was not only handsome, but extremely smart and motivated.  He was an electrical engineer focused on power plants and even had his masters and of course he drove a BMW, and owns a side business.  We nickname him Maserati because he is “tired” of his BMW and is buying a new Maserati as his fun car and he has an “everyday” car as well, Karen laughs because everywhere I go, I pick up the same type, even at a grocery store.

Sadly, his intelligence and ambition was his strength and his weakness.  I was at his house and he gave me a tour, when we got to his bedroom, he turned on the lights and panicked.  On his wall, there was a giant whiteboard with formulas everywhere, it was his thinking board.  To me, it was a “Beautiful Mind” moment.  I kidded and said what he would do if I erased it, he said it was like shooting him with a shotgun.

He worked long hours and for me, I don’t need you to see me every day, but when you do promise to see me and I rearrange my schedule for you, don’t break it and he did, not once, but twice for work.

He was also a little too rigid, too disciplined and it would never work with someone like me.  I mean look at his goal for me…to program me?  I told him that it is impossible to develop a code for me, but we can start our date with some binary code 0100001000 and end the night with some Java and lead into C++.  Haha.

Screenshot_2014-06-25-12-29-19The second time he broke our date, I was so angry at him, I didn’t speak to him for a few days.  That night, I was so upset, I walked out of the house to cool off and then my automatic lock failed, so I had to stay outside for an hour before my best friend could come let me in and I got a bunch of mosquito bites.  This text was what made everything spiral.  And…He made me so mad, I said I was going to become a nun and not go on another date until the end of the 4th quarter. Here is my pretty hilarious rant, to read it click here.


After 15 calls and a bunch of text messages, I gave him a chance to explain.  I told him what happened and I got locked out, he asked why I didn’t call him. I said, duh I was mad at you.


After a third chance and a serious conversation, I realized the chemistry was there, but the compatibility was not there and for him work was his priority.  Des was laughing, but I broke up with him saying that we were not a good fit or compatible, and that he was being renamed in my phone as stranger danger and that was the end of G.

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