Similar to 97.1 ZHT in UT, my favorite morning station here is Hot 99.5. They talk about everything and because the East Coast is more liberal, pretty much anything goes. On the show, they do a segment called “Kane Skam.” This is when a listener sets a friend or family member with a prank.

I have always joked that I would do it to S. One day, I was at work and in meetings all day. I come back to my desk and S called me.

Here is our conversation:
Me: Hello? How may I help you?
S: Where have you been, I have tried to call you 20 times!
Me: Why?
S: Have you been to the clinic or doctor lately?
Me: No, you know I hate doctors.
S: Because I got a call from the clinic and they said they have your lab results.

Me: What? What do you mean?
S: Have you been with anyone lately?
Me: Of course not, you know my every move! Am I being Kane Skamed?!????  Did you put Kane up to this???!!!!
S: No, am I being Kane Skammed? They told me it was only a women’s clinic, but kept asking for your name, birthday, etc…  They said there was no one by your name and they kept asking for additional information.

He plays the recording on his voicemail and sure enough, it was a women’s clinic. It said to click 1 for pregnancies, 2 for STD results, etc…

Me: It’s not me! I promise and it would be a miracle child if that was the case and I’m home every night or with you.
S: See that’s why they could not find your name, but it was so real!  I kept thinking this is a Kane Skam since they were asking so many things about you and they told me I should not be calling in because I was a man. I kept telling them, you called me.
Me: Hahahahahahahahaahahaha. You know I love you and seriously, who else would I be with?
S: Ok that is true. Ok, I have to run to the bathroom. I am very shakily Me: Shakily???
S: Shaking and nervous. I was so “a scared” with the call. I thought something was wrong or I was Kane Skammed.

Luckily, this was a wrong number and all a misunderstanding or else I would have A LOT of explaining to do.

That is how powerful the Hot 99.5 station is. Even without knowing, the first thought is that we are on a radio show.

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