I have never truly understood that saying until lately. When I was younger, I never put that much thought into that saying.

I don’t know about you, but I am a big believer in Karma. Bear with me, I’m going to be a little mushy here, but I truly do believe that life is much bigger than having the best things in life no matter what the cost.

Living life right by being kind and empathetic to others, helping those in need, and being a good person to everyone in life is what matters most. I think many of us, including myself forget to count our blessings.

I was heading home from work to the metro and it was pouring outside. Of course, it is the only day that I don’t bring an umbrella. A nice guy ran over to me and asked if I wanted to share his umbrella. Big brownie points for him!

Then I was walking to the metro at my usual pace, when all of a sudden someone stepped on the back of my shoe. At first I thought it was an accident, but then I felt a kick on my heel. Suddenly a professionally dressed woman in her late 50’s passed me muttering how slow I was. I was speechless. Did this really happen? Did someone really kick me and step on my shoe on purpose?

After muttering a bunch of angry phrases towards me for walking my pace, she stopped at the edge of the metro platform. I had two choices, either to pretend nothing happened or call her out on kicking me. I decided I needed to call her out because I’m sure this is not the first person she has kicked or tried to hurt out of spite.


Here is our conversation:

Me: Really? Did you have to step on my shoe and kick me instead of going around me?
Lady: You were slow.
Me: Does that make it ok for you to kick me?

I said it very loudly at rush hour so that everyone around us could hear and it worked. She saw everyone look at her and did not say anything.

Sometimes, that is the best thing you can do. I hope that by me speaking up, she will think twice next time she wants to kick someone.

But here is where karma comes back into play. S picked me up at the metro to take me to Target. We went to the target café and I was hoping for a pretzel, but the cashier said he did not sell it. We got popcorn instead, but a few seconds later, he said he did have some. I told him sorry, but I already got popcorn. He said he would make it for FREE.

Totally unexpected, when I told my co-worker the story, she said it was good juju. She said, “Get your shoe stepped and get a free pretzel. Someone step on my shoe.”

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