Pamukkale, Hierpolis and Imagination Canyon


Pamukkale means “Cotton Palace.”

This is where one of the most famous hot springs in the world are located. I am sure you have seen pictures of the white terraces, but in reality, it’s not always white terraces with blue pools.

I am sure this is what you imagine in the post cards.


Depending on the day, some days there isn’t that much water at Pamukkale because the engineers control the water levels.

The hot springs used to be connected to a hotel which allowed the guests free access to the thermal pools.

Over time they realized that the hot springs were getting ruined by human traffic, so there is only a small portion that tourists can go on.

Here we met our new friend Jeff!  Jeff was traveling solo through Europe and Turkey, so of course we welcomed a new friend!  We loved our few days together Jeff and hopefully our paths cross again.  We have a picture of us 3 together, but I can’t find it in all my pictures, so I stole these to showcase our buddy.  PS. I took these amazing pictures with his SLR and dang they look good.


Be careful because the terrace is very slippery. This is where Lisa slipped and her phone fell in the water. We had to get rice to save her phone.Snapchat-4023275394115478195

This was a smaller hot spring that we were taken to before we went to Pamukkale. I guess they were giving us a small taste of what was to come.


Hierpolis was an ancient city with Haman baths, ruins, and a theater. People came here for mainly for entertainment.

Below is one of the hot springs that you can pay for. It is supposedly the fountain of youth and once upon a time Cleopatra came here to bath.


Imagination Canyon

This is a quick stop where rock formations have formed to the shape of different animals.  You can see the formation below looks like a camel!


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