S cooked lamb shank for me, it’s so easy that it is a must try. If you have guests over for dinner, this is going to wow them. This is Soheil’s work everybody, just to clarify…all I did was eat and maybe lift a lid.

Lamb Shank
Garlic Salt

Below are the instructions:

You’ll need to start with a crockpot. Put a little bit of water in the crockpot. Throw in the entire onion sliced and the lamb shank.

Turn the heat to high and leave it overnight. In the morning, the seasoning process starts. Put in a tablespoon of each seasoning to taste evenly throughout the pot. Once the seasoning is in the crockpot, make sure to take the water or as S says “the juice” and spoon it over the lamb a few times.

Turn the heat to low and cook it for about 3 hours. Throughout the 3 hours, just spoon the juice over the lamb a few times throughout.

Cook the couscous according to the box.

Plate and your guests will think you have slaved all day. No one needs to know how effortless this meal was to make.

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