A Letter to Each Type of Love You’ll Meet

Entering a relationship is a choice and with that choice, there comes a chance of heartbreak. You step into each relationship believing that it could be love. No one enters a relationship expecting it to end, but not every relationship is meant to last. Some are there for the season you may need them, while others are lessons.

They say love is blind, when you are in it, you ignore every color of flag you see, especially red flags. Once you are out of the relationship and and your emotions settle down, pieces will slowly start coming together that the relationship that you deemed as perfect, wasn’t so perfect after all.

And through every heartbreak, a new version of you arises. New friends, new goals, a better you and over time memories fade. Time does heal all wounds and that person you couldn’t live without becomes insignificant and a small stop in your life’s journey.13177733_1179499622092733_3388751172559965294_n

I didn’t want to write it in one long post, so I’ve separated them. Hopefully you can relate to some of the heartache and pain.

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