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Letter to all my different types of Loves

Each time you jump into a relationship, you think its love. Once you are out of the relationship and with experience, you realize that what you thought was love was either lust or pieces of love.  I wish I was one of those people who just had to test out a few guys and found Mr. Right, but that is not in my cards.

But I have also learned a lot of lessons from all of them.  So here is my letter through the different types of relationships I’ve had.  And each time you break up and ask why and how will I survive without this person?  Sarah said it best, you become a phoenix and rise up again each time.  You start fresh, new friends, new goals, a better you and over time, trust me, memories fade, that person you couldn’t live without becomes insignificant and a small stop in your life’s journey.13177733_1179499622092733_3388751172559965294_n

What’s important is the lessons you take from each.  I didn’t want to write it in one long post, so I’ve separated them into 5 different types of relationships.  Hopefully you can relate to some of the heartache and pain and again, with time everything heals.

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