Lisa’s Lesson on How to Use “That’s What She Said”

I know this phrase has been around forever and a day, but I haven’t really heard it much until recently.

Apparently, I have no idea how to use it correctly. In my head, I thought you could say “that’s what she said” to everything like I just had an amazing work-out at the gym- That’s what she said.

When I was on the cruise, I used it with Lisa and she just looked at me and said that doesn’t really work. Of course, it was her job to educate me.

Little did I know that people use that line behind something that has a hidden sexual innuendo? First off, that’s hard because unless its so clear cut, what do you consider an innuendo?

Secondly, I don’t know all the naughty terms, so half the time I have no idea words are being used, which is how I thought it could be used for anything.

How to use it correctly:

Example 1:

We were at the black jack table and if the dealer is below a 17, theory is that he should bust. Unfortunately, our dealer was really good and did not.

Lisa yells, he’s supposed to bust, but he didn’t bust. Then she turned to me and said, that’s what she said. At the time it wasn’t funny to me because I didn’t know that there is another meaning behind bust.

Paolo educated me on the what bust means. It means the man failed in something….please fill in the blank.

Example 2:

Amitai had his room key attached to a cord, so when he handed it to the dealer, she just grabbed it and pulled it. I said, wow that’s really long. Both Amitai and Lisa said that’s what she said. Again, I missed that until Lisa pointed it out that it was a reference to a body part.

To me, the cord was abnormally long and that was all there was to it.

How to use it incorrectly:

We were talking about a situation and Lisa said, yeah that’s why she’ll never be on top. So I tried to say, that’s what she said. Lisa just said oh honey, it doesn’t work.

Another time, we were talking about a guy and Lisa said, he is a little bi@T$h and I threw the line in. She was like oh honey, no.

Sometimes, it just feels right to say it, even if it makes no sense and this is why my Twinnie LOVES me. She says I kill her when she reads these messages, but she would NOT love me any other way.




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