Happy Birthday! Meet Dazzle!

PhotoGrid_1379328836676-1This is a dedication to the awesome person Des is. Her nickname is truly Dazzle. Des and I met up at a rooftop bar in Rockville when I first came out.  

We clicked because I told her how I fell in the metro and she laughed. We both bonded over my fall and the facts that we are both are the same person.  If it’s sparkly, shiny, and fun…watch out. Double trouble…hello I love to bedazzle and her nickname is Dazzle.

I wanted to Wish Dazzle a Happy Birthday. She is one of my most dearest friends that I have had the opportunity to have in my life.  She is not only fun, but story-teller, partner in crime, and fabulous.  And since we are forever 21…Happy 21st Birthday Dazzle.

She has helped me through the past two months and reminded me how fun and beautiful I am. Thank you for never letting me forget.

Here is how I describe Des:
Devoted- She is such a true friend.
Easily excited- She can make the best of every situation.
Sweet- Most kind hearted person you will meet.
Idealist- She really sees the best in life and people.
Responsible, yet reckless- Seriously very adult like, but when we are together it is a fun time.
Energetic- If you need someone to pump you up…go to Dazzle!

Why is she is an awesome wingwoman?

 On Saturday, we went to a birthday party. I was at the bar getting a diet coke, when one guy at the party came up to me and started chatting up a storm.
Conversation at the bar:
K:            Hi, how are you?
Me:        Good
K:            I am Kiratch. Can I buy you a drink?style=”font-family: Calibri;”>Me:        Nope, I’m just getting a diet coke
K:            Well, let me buy you a diet coke then
Me:        Diet cokes are free for DDs
K:            One drink?  Come on…one drink will not hurt. Well then that means I owe you a drink. Can I get your info so I can buy you one later?
Me:        Nope, I live far away. *I go back to my girls without my drink.

Conversation while I sit with everyone on the couch:
K:            Do you want to dance?
Me:        No, I’ve danced for hours.
K:            Come on just one dance.
Des:       Excuse me young man, what are your intentions? I am her PIMP and she is not cheap.
K:            Just one dance
Des:       How old are you?
K:            28…He even takes out his license to show her.
Des:       What do you do?
K:            I work in IT for Advisory Board. Again, takes out his business card as proof.
Des:       Are you a good dancer? Show me a move.
K:            He busts a move.
Des:       Hmmmm…Show me a slow move.
K:            Totally busted a slow move.
End result:          K got no dance after all that work.  He did attempt one more time to ask, but I was just having fun with the girls, but Des was an awesome pimp.  She protects her girls.

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