Meet me where 495 N turns into 2 o’clock- Wait what?


I got to spend the weekend with one of my favorite people… Cindy. Cindy is absolutely my go-to person when anything in life happens.   We are alike in so many ways, yet so opposite in other ways, but honestly Cindy has been there with me through everything.


She’s been the person who has given me advice when it comes to my career, my love life, and anything else that comes up. We can talk for hours, which we literally did the whole weekend.

She and Mitch (the hubs) flew into town for a week to go the Bethany Beach.   Well, Mitch had to drive a different car, so I was going to meet them and pick up Cindy, so we could have our catch-up time.  We talked the whole time, all he saw looking at his rear-view mirror was hand gestures and mouths moving. This is him making fun of us.


As we all SHOULD know, I am beyond directionally challenged and Mitch being a super genius was speaking to me at genius level. I’m not kidding about him being super smart, he has a PHD in engineering. I am good at some things like budgets, making things pretty, finding deals, but directions are NOT by strength.

I was lost and confused and that’s when the adventure began.

Cindy wrote me directions to me a few days before she flew into town, she instantly knew it was really bad, but Mitch said it was super easy. Saturday morning rolls around and I get a call from Mitch:

M:             Hey Linda, I just wanted to call and make sure you knew where you were going. You are going to get on 495 and go straight until the end and you’ll get off on Route 50. It’s literally on the opposite side of the beltway.
Me:           Ok, so I go all the way to Tyson’s, then take 495 N and take the first exit after it ends.
M:             Yes, it’s where it hits 2 o’clock on a map. Does that make sense?
Me:           In theory, remember theory is different than reality.
M:             Ok, we are good to go.

I’m driving along and I get on 495 N, but it splits into 270 or 495 W and it says Baltimore/DC. I called and said, um am I right because it says I’m going to DC. I thought Delaware was away? Cindy said yes, go towards DC, just keep going until you get to exit 19.

My next question is A or B. Mitch said just 19. Well, I get there and A goes to DC and the other goes to Annapolis. I took A, but I was supposed to take B. Cindy predicted this would happen. So Route 50 was nowhere close to what Mitch said, it’s the Bowie exit.

Cindy took over from there and said, meet us at the Starbucks at Bowie Town Center. It’s right in the center of the place. I found her with no issues! People, I need landmarks. Even to get to the beach, I ask Mitch for directions from Bowie to Bethany and he said, go straight until you hit the ocean. Absolute lies!

Mitch is still shocked how I don’t get it when he says meet me where 495 hits 2 o’clock. Cindy had warned him I wouldn’t get it and when she finally said, Linda is directionally challenged, that’s when he said, you didn’t tell me. Cindy said, I’ve been trying to tell you.  This all could have been solved if he spoke normal people language, instead of having me figure this out…


Once we made it to the beach, life was smooth sailing. But here is a recap of my favorite moments:

-It took us about 3 hours to get there and Mitch got a little upset. He called it hangry, he was angry with traffic and hungry. Hangry Mitch= Only happy with a beer in his hand. Here he is with his two favorite things. Beer and bacon.


Who wants ICE CREAM? Meeee!


 This is Mitch’s favorite face to make in ALL pictures.


 My drawing of him as a cartoon. It looks exactly the same right?


-We were standing in line to buy a few things. I kept telling him to use my number for the CVS discount. He was like no, I don’t need it. I said you do for savings! All of a sudden a lady turned around and said, oh by the way we are in Walgreens and NOT CVS. Well, I said, use my number anyways, I have both.

Sand Turtle! Mitch totally let me do this to him. His mom said that if any of them asked, he would say no. Well, actually I told him I’d turn him into a whale shark, but with no shovel even, the best I could do was a turtle. But combine both me and Cindy asking he had no choice. Look how good Cindy’s hexagons were.


-I miss you! But I’m still here? On Saturday he knew I had to go home on Sunday. He was trying to bribe me with go karts and ice cream to stay another day. I thought it was cute that he already missed me before I left.

It was so good to spend the weekend with you and it went by too quickly. I enjoyed every single minute and can’t wait to see you again. Until we meet again.  FYI Mitch, I hope you just remember to give me directions like a normal person. If you need help dumbing down things, please refer to the “How to give directions for dummies” guide.


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