S and I had a very interesting conversation… He believes that my brain is like a bomb. Very little, but very dangerous…

Here is our conversation:

Me:      I think we should go to Costco and get gas, popcorn, bounce…etc…Do you see that car?  What do you think of that girl’s scarf?  What do you think about me getting a new car?

S:         You never finished your Costco list.  Your brain is like a ninja brain. All your thoughts kick

Me:      Well, I can’t help it, my brain never turns off and I get distracted. It’s the way I was made.

S:         I think God made a mistake.  He put too much in your head.  God made you and even he cannot understand you.

Me:      God felt so bad for me and since he could not fix me, he created you to deal with me.

S:         Silence.


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