IMAG4701I have been very lucky to have the best group of guy friends ever.  They have always been there for me and then there is Mike.…

This quote completely reflects Mike’s relationship with me…

Only trust someone who can see three things in you: The sorrow behind your smile, the love behind your anger, and the reason behind your silence.

 Over the past few years, Mike has been there for me through everything, but in many ways I could not have survived this year without him.  He knows every part of me that makes me tick. I’m not going to share all our conversations because they would span the length of the Nile River, but it’s a lot and we pretty much talk about anything and everything.

 5 Memorable Moments

  1. You deserve better.  He has consistently told me and encouraged me to keep dating and find quality men versus quantity, which was in my hot mess stage aka the first 3 months.  He just patiently waited and laughed off all my hilarious stories.
  2. Social Butterfly.  He texted me this week and asked how I was still in so much pain from the accident yet I am a social butterfly.  Easy…I take some Advil, put some Ben Gay on, make sure to climb up the stairs at home since it’s still painful to walk, and put a heating pad on it and I put on a big smile at all my events because it could be worst and make great memories.
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I have had this conversation on several occasions with him. How can so many men be so quick to just commit and until I started dating again, I have never been told by so many people how beautiful I am.  It’s so hard for me to believe because growing up I really never thought I was and even when people tell me, I don’t know how to handle it. I blush and run away. Mike told me he understands because he told me that I am very beautiful and that his favorite feature of me is my eyes. He says men can get lost in them because they are so kind. For the first time in my life, I believe it because the way Mike said it was not me being beautiful as an object, but that my kind eyes make me beautiful.
  4. Matchmaker 101.  He has tried to set me up with several people. He’ll show my picture and they all want to come aboard the dating train. Mike continues to try to look for good guys for me because that’s what he wants for me in the end. He only wants the best. 
  5. Pick up your phone.  He loves me even though I’m horrible at picking up the phone.  I cannot find it but he sent me an email why picking up the phone is better for humanity LOL.

4 Lessons from Mike for all Single Women:

  1. A man should be a gentleman. There is no excuse not to be a gentleman.
  2. Never look at what a man has. It does not matter how much money, what car he drives, where he comes from. Mike reiterates that sometimes a man may drive a Honda and not a BMW, but he provides a good life and can give time.
  3. Every man’s dream …is a lady on the streets and fill in the rest…hehe
  4. Never settle for less.

4 Reasons I HEART Mike

  1. Big teddy bear.  He is one of the most sensitive people I’ve met in my life. He is very considerate of others and very in tune with everyone’s feelings. You don’t find guys who are really good listeners.
  2. Kid at heart.  He is super silly, but don’t mistake the silliness in the sense that he is not serious.  He is extremely hard working, but always has fun in life.
  3. Intelligent.  Mike is extremely intelligent and I know I have some of the dumbest moments ever and he never judges.  He surrounds himself with smart people.
  4. An overall good guy. At times, when I keep dating and I tell him I give up, especially after prince texted everyone I loved him from my phone, I talk to Mike and he gives me faith in good guys. He is just an all around good, loving, and kind human being. I wish there was a cloning machine to make more good people like him.

 XOXO. Thank you for being my best friend.

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  1. OMG Mr Melty over here!!! You are so kind, Linda! I’ll keep this post in my “save forever” stash! It means so much to me to be appreciated and be your close friend. Super big hugs for you!

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