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Money Can’t Buy Happiness and neither can a Mercedes

This was Polly’s favorite guy from everyone. She’s still very upset things did not work out. She thought he was so good-looking. Sanam did too.

I met S at the Whole Foods in Ffx. I had a party and was just picking something up there. I remember I was in the produce section when a guy came up and said hi. I looked up and there he was, a very handsome, well-put-together guy smiling at me.

Sanam makes it a joke and tells everyone that we met in the meat aisle and he said what kind of kabob are you looking for? I just shake my head at her. She makes it sound so dirty!

We chatted for awhile and I had to leave for the party. He asked if he could take me out later. He was a very nice guy, handsome, and had a great job, and extremely wealthy, but the reason our relationship failed was because he was demanding and moved things too quickly. In the end, I think he was in love with the idea of being with someone like me than loving me for all my flaws.

It’s ironic because S promised me everything that I wanted in my last relationship and much more, but I realized, it wasn’t going to make me happy. You want that when you find that right person, not just because you want it.

    • He told me he loved me and asked me if I loved him. I said I could lie to him, but I don’t love him yet. You can’t make someone love you.
    • Wanted me to meet his family. I couldn’t. I wasn’t ready.
    • Asked me to move in with him. I said I am old fashion and would not do that until we are married. A little while later, he asked if he could marry me. When my girlfriends saw that text…you should have heard the shock. I asked what is the rush? He said when you know you know. BS, you don’t know until hard situations come up where you know that person will be there for you.
    • Said that he would give me everything I wanted if I would marry him. He was going to take me to Galleria to pick the largest ring and he told me my engagement gift would be a Mercedes. I said I like my CRV, he said no wife of mine will be driving that around. But earlier, he did offer to help me negotiate on a car though, so…whatever.


  • I sent this to Karen and she was rolling, but one day he wrote me and said I’m getting really nervous. I said for what? He’s like the wedding. My response: You are missing one thing…A bride. Karen’s response #runawaybride.140217_221154

This was one of the hardest non-needed break-ups ever. It went on for months. I told him I couldn’t give him everything he wanted. I didn’t love him and he deserves real love. He begged to see me one more time and that’s when he tried to put the keys to the Mercedes in my hand.  I even asked him what was so great about me, there are plenty of other women.  I don’t know why I couldn’t just take a leap of faith with him, he was everything I wanted and said the right things, but in the end, I couldn’t do it.


I gave it back and said I can’t and walked away. That was the last time I ever saw him. I really hope he does find what he is looking for, but it’s not me and all the money, gifts, and bribes cannot make me do it.

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