Friendship Gratitude- Lisa

How we met: China when I was with my MBA program and she was translating Chinese

Was it love at first sight? Absolutely! Twin and I instantly fell in love over our mutual love of Justin Bieber and our obsession with taking jumping pictures, all day every day.

Favorite Moments:

  • When we were meeting in Chicago, Lisa missed her plane, but we had a boat ride at 4:30 PM. We literally ran the whole way from our hotel to Navy Pier and were the last ones on the boat.  I was so proud of her for running in her boots.
  • For some reason, Lisa never drinks with me. Ever!  We have never actually sat down and had a drink together, even when I beg her to have a drink even if I don’t, she doesn’t. We end up ordering diet coke and water. The only time we drank together was in New Orleans when we got a free bottle and let me tell you a secret; we only took a sip for the picture. I was so upset I was like why won’t you ever drink with me!  Why???
  • In Jamaica, I made all these amazing collages with our pictures, but I spelled them all wrong. For some reason Jamaica was spelled as “Jamacia” on all the pictures. Lisa made me redo it, but I was still making the same mistake, Lisa had to correct me the entire time.
  • One time, I got really upset over pictures and I threw up my hands and I was like you know what?  One day I’m just going to start taking horrible pictures of everyone because they don’t appreciate my good pictures for them. When it turns out ugly, y’all are going to be like I miss her pictures or I will stop caring and taking pictures. Let’s be honest, this was a lie, but Lisa just looked at me, said ok and we kept walking. A few minutes later, we forgot about it.  That is our fights, I would not even call them fights.

3 Best Qualities:

  • Bubbly personality, she can make friends with anyone.  She is great to go places with, she just trusts and talks to anyone.
  • Care-free, she isn’t a worrier like me. She can go with the flow, where I listen to CNN 24/7.
  • Open honest to a fault.  She does not sugarcoat hehe.

My Most Grateful Moment:

I told Lisa I made her a boring person because I’m boring. When we did the Mini Submarine, we were sitting there are Lisa turned to me and said, Twin, you push me to do different things. I would have never done any of this without you like the zipline or submarine. You bring out the adventurous side of me, so I don’t need to drink with you. We have so much fun, we don’t need alcohol. She always tries to make me feel better.

At that moment, I knew how lucky of a person I was to have this type of person next to me through life. She has been there for me through every hardship, every painful moment, and listens to my every thought, some of them are crazy and she still listens.  She laughs at my jokes and she lets me know I will never be alone. She is another sister to me. She has become my only traveling buddy, the person I text everyday, and she is the only person who loves taking as many pictures as me.  She will always be there with me telling me day in and day out how much I mean to her as I am, boring, crazy, confused, and an old soul.


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