Month of Thanks- Day 3- SSEB

This is for all the SSEB girls: Moon, Karen, and Savoy.

We all met in a very unusual way, but they say people don’t come by your life by accident and in this case, it wasn’t an accident.

For us, it’s all for one and one for all, which is why it is one post. When one of us hurts, all of us hurt. We have each other’s backs, so don’t mess with us. Each of us have our own unique personality, but as a whole, we balance each other out perfectly.

These girls have been my rock in so many situations. We joke about this, but we really are like sisters versus friends. We started the SSEB club and to this date, we are all still intact and going strong.

How we met:

Moon, Karen, and Savoy were introduced through our mutual friend Jay. Jay met Savoy and introduced her to Moon because they were both Cambodian. Then they met Karen. I came in many months later. Shari introduced me to Moon, who at that point invited us to her party. I went to Moon’s party without knowing a soul and after that day, we were instant friends.

The girls laugh because the first time we met, I had no idea the dessert we were having was Vietnamese. I remember saying, my people has this dessert too. Savoy said Moon where did you get this? Moon said, um the Vietnamese store. #VietFail

Was it love at first sight?

Without a doubt, it was love at first sight with all the girls. Our friendship happened naturally. It was not forced, it was not dramatic, it was just fun. We started all hanging out and then we realized how much we had in common and our friendship progressed from there.

Now we could not imagine our life without each other.

Favorite Moments:

  • Too many to pick just one, but I would have to say our daily conversations in the group chat with us. If anyone was to be a fly on the wall to hear what we talk about, it is hilarious. We talk about everything under the sea.
  • Somehow, we all call each other boo boo. Literally, all of our nicknames are boo boo, so when all 4 of us are in a room together, you just hear the word boo boo all over the place.We are so in tuned with each other that we know exactly which boo boo each of us are talking to without even looking. I think the first time our friends were in a room with us, their minds were blown. I remember one day, one of them asked how we knew which boo boo? My honest answer, I don’t know, we just know.
  • When I had to have my cortisone shots on my back, I texted the girls and they all made me laugh so much because they called them sexy shots. You can see the post here. In all the bad times, they can certainly make me feel like a million bucks.


3 Best Qualities:

These three qualities encompass all of us.

  • Honesty. What I appreciate about all four of us is our honesty. We are all honest to a fault. We trust each other, we love each other, and we say what is on our minds. There is nothing off limits.
  • Great sense of humor. You will just have to experience it, but when we are all together, it’s a comedy show and all I have to say is bless all our guy friends who have to help us out of all our situations.
  • Hybrid Free Spirits. We all are very easy going and fun to be around. None of us act our age in many senses because we are the go-with-the flow type most of the time. But we all have really grown-up jobs and we can plan when needed.

My Most Grateful Moment:


After my accident, I didn’t tell anyone for a few days something had happened. At the time, Moon lived in Rockville and I am close to Leesburg. I asked Moon if she would not mind giving me a ride to Savoy’s. Moon came without even asking what happened. That is a true friend; she was there when I needed her, without fail. When they found out what happened, they were freaking out.


Educating me on hood terms, seriously, if I did not have her, I would be so far behind in life. She helps me with understanding so much in life with her wisdom. Karen advises me on so many aspects of my life, I feel like she is my mentor in so many ways and I could not be more grateful. I can come to her with anything, including our shared fear of Ebola. When you get both of us in a room talking about Ebola, even her sister thought we were crazy.


Oh Savoy, what can I say, I have been bitten by her love bites, I have been attacked by her tongue in pictures, but I love her for all she is. I think my most favorite moment and the one that meant the most to me was a moment that she opened up to me. We were at an event and I asked if she had a picture of someone and she mentioned she doesn’t keep it because life is always changing including people. I was really upset because to me, that means I’ll eventually change. Boo boo told me that it’s past experience, but with us it’s different. With us it’s real and that we won’t go away and I honestly do believe that. There was so much more said in that conversation, but at that moment, I really loved that she knows the boo boos love her and she loves the boo boos.

Again, there are so many moments that I treasure with these girls that it’s just the tip of the iceberg and honestly, this post doesn’t do them justice, it’s a snippet of how much they mean to me.

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