Month of Thanks- Day 4- Yashita

How we met:

Yashita and I met through a group of mutual friends at a happy hour. Savoy had invited me to a random Wednesday Happy Hour at Lima. She wanted me to come, so we could go to DC Coast and admire the bar tender there. It was her future Christian Grey and she wanted me to do my usual wing-woman routine and chat up a storm to get her all the details.

Yashita was at Lima, so when we headed over, I was introduced to her and you can say the rest is history.

Was it love at first sight?

You could say it was love at first sight or in our case, love at first pony. On a random Wednesday night our group danced up a storm at Lima and Yashita asked us all to show our best “ride the pony” move. As she was going along, she got to me and I have no sexy “ride the pony move,” so I just hopped back to be her demo.

At that moment, we bonded and have been as close as ever. So we joke and say we were lost until the pony found its Indian cowboy. Yee-haw!

On Saturday, we took a picture next to where it all began.


Favorite Moments:

I must preface this by saying that every time we get together is my favorite moment. This girl just makes my day and she is always so positive and upbeat that you can’t help but be happy.

  • Bollywood Dance. Yashita is probably one of the best dancers I know, I wish I could move like her. I told her I was taking Bollywood Dance at my gym, she was so excited, we did some Indian dance moves at El Centro and a random guy decided to join us. There is video somewhere.
  • Come and get your love baby. When we went hiking, Yashita and I had just watched Guardians of the Galaxy and we danced for about 10 minutes up the hill singing the song from the introduction. Check it out here. First off, thank goodness I didn’t fall. Secondly, who else dances up a hike arm-in-arm singing “Come and get your love?” Us.
  • And the answer is Pakistan! One day we were at Lucky Strike playing trivia. This was our first time and we thought were so good at this game. Actually, many tries later, we realized we were just lucky because other places make their trivia questions really hard. Some of our teammates were sharing answers so loudly that Yashita and I decided to yell, it’s Pakistan for everything to throw off our competitors, and even if it was like what cartoon character is a mouse? We will yell, of course its Pakistan!
  • Picture Perfect! She believes that I can never take a bad picture. She was like I hate you because you are like Barney in How I Met Your Mother. She points it out every single time, even in candid moments, she’s like again, you still look adorable lol! I beg to differ; I’ve seen some horrible pics of me.

3 Best Qualities:

  • Sense of Humor. This girl is hilarious! Every time I am with her, she cracks me up. What she does, she says, I swear she should be in a comedy show.
  • Optimism. In any situation, Yashita can make things better for you. Even when you feel down at times, she can always make you see the bright side and calmly talk some rational into you.
  • Loyalty. I have witnessed on several occasions, there have situations that have arisen and time and time again, she has always protected her friends. She never lets anything bad happen to us and I am grateful for that.

My Most Grateful Moment

I would say overall I am very happy and positive, but even I have my limits where everything gets to a point where I crash.

There was one day, poor Yashita was on the listening end of my bad day. I just told her pretty much everything I had weighing on my mind. She listened and advised. She told me to focus on one step at a time. I love the fact that we can be silly and talk about anything, but a few minutes we can talk about something really serious. That’s what real friends are for. It’s easy to be there when life is all sunshine, but a true friend is there when the clouds come in with some thunder and rain as well.

I am so grateful for her in my life. The only thing I regret, which I’ve told her is the fact that I have not known her longer. When we all met her, she just became another one of our sisters. It was one of those connections where we feel like we have known her forever.

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