Month of Thanks- Day 5- Des

How we met:

I was going up to Rockville to break-up with someone I had been seeing for a few months. I saw that there was a rooftop party at La Canela in Rockville Town Center.

When I went there, the first person I met was Des.

Was it love at first sight?

Yes it was. Des and I met and it was fireworks. We bonded over the fact that we fall in the metro, our phones were about to die, and how much in common we have. No matter how hard it is to get together due to our busy schedules, each time we meet is full of laughter, hilarious moments, and adventures.

Favorite Moments:

  • She’s Not Even a Man. She was telling me about her latest stalker, who by the way was so creepy. I started getting paranoid and there was someone standing in front of the metro. I screamed and was like I think that’s your stalker. She turned to me and said it was a woman and not even a man to be her stalker.
  • Pee Pee Pick Gallery. Let me preface, I say pee pee. I don’t like the other word. The girls were talking about this and she mentioned her gallery. I told her never in my life have I gotten one or want one. Gale said I must date really nice guys, I said yes. So later on, out of curiosity, I asked her if I was to get a picture is it up or down. She said, it better be up or that man is just lazy, who sends a picture of the pee pee down? I apologized and said, I have no idea the pee pee pic etiquette.
  • Runaway Crutch. I cannot disclose all the details on this, but this girl escaped on crutches. If you ever have a chance, ask her about the story because it is hilarious.
  • But he’s so pretty. Des was the person there when I dated V, the man who just turned straight for me. When we first met him, she told me to go for him because he was so handsome and sweet. Little did we both know, he plays both specimen. When I told Des that, she kept looking at him and saying “he’s so pretty” and I would reply “I know.”

3 Best Qualities:

  • Crazy personality.  This is not supposed to be offensive in any way.  There is cray cray and fun cray cray, we are fun cray cray, which is why we became such good friends. To me, her personality shines bright like a diamond and she is loved everywhere she goes.
  • Sense of Humor. Desi is hilarious. Her laugh is contagious, she can make you laugh over anything.  She can laugh at anything including herself!
  • Young at Heart. No matter how old Des and I get, I always consider her my partner in crime.  We are young souls, we giggle over silly things, we still blush in public, and we party like its 1999, well…we try.

My Most Grateful Moment:

When things have been really rough, especially at work, I can turn to her and honestly tell her everything that is weighing on my mind. With her I don’t have to hide anything or get a bottle of wine and cry in the bathtub, which lately has become my usual way of handling the stress.  She listens to every single breakdown I’ve had with the accident and work.

She is there anytime I need her.  I thank her for being my first real friend when I moved to a big city where I didn’t know anyone.  My companion in our summer of partying.  We went out all the time and even though there are some friends from that summer who faded, Desi and I keep growing closer.  Your friendship means the world to me and I love you very much. You are the Dazzle in my Bedazzled life.  You are one of the best people in my life and I can tell you life would be much less exciting if you never came in it.  Thank you for all the memories and for more to come.

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