Month of Thanks- Day 7- Shari

Shari Joon is one of the most important people in my life. Honestly, she is my heart, my soul, my best friend. She is the person I can turn to in any situation; she is the most compassionate person I have ever met, the most loving, and one of the truly amazing people who makes you believe in good because she herself sees the good in every situation. And, she always sees the good in me.

How we met:
We met in the summer of my hot mess. I was out at RedLine with Des or Dazzle as I call her. Des met Shari and we all went to the bathroom together and I found out that Shari works in Leesburg, I was like OMG, I need more friends in the suburbs, let’s hang out.

After that, we hung out all the time!

Was it love at first sight?
When we first met, it was at an outing, so it wasn’t that love that night exactly. We were just getting to know each other, taking it slow, feeling each other out. We were both two strangers going to an event and randomly meeting.

After a few days, we were joined at the hip. Shari and I talked every day, we hung out all the time, and eventually through her, I met all my other friends who have become a crucial part of my life.

Favorite Moments:

  • That’s not my car. On one of our outings, we were leaving the club and we accidentally hopped in the wrong car. Here is the blog post about it here.
  • I can dance! I never knew Shari’s hidden talent for dancing, but if you are blessed to be one of the few that sees her dancing, it’s pretty amazing.
  • Your skin is soft as a walrus. I was being Shari’s wingwoman for a night at Bar Louie, as part of being a wingwoman; you have to distract other guy friends around. Well, I was distracting one guy and told me my skin is soft as a walrus. I just gave him a puzzled look and asked if he’s ever touched a walrus, but I’m pretty sure they are not soft.
  • How to lose a guy in 2-3 dates. Shari knows, all my dates come in groups and when I get confused, I do #projectcleanslate and start all over. On one of the times, she’s like let’s have some fun and she created a list of things to do to lose a guy in 2-3 dates. I think she was shocked because none of it worked. Neither of us know why, so then it came down to the power of ignore.
  • Um…Was he cute? On one of my hot mess days, all the girls went to Barcode. Shari was the designated adult that night and it was the one time I actually let go. I guess I met someone on the dance floor when I fell and he picked. I must have given him my number because the next morning he asked me out and told me he could not stop thinking about me. I had to forward that text to Shari and ask her if he was cute because I had no idea. She did not judge, but she just laughed.
  • Where are my keys?!? This is not a great moment for Shari, but it was a pretty funny to me. She locked her keys in her trunk while getting groceries. Only my dear friend could lock her keys in the trunk, then she was mad because her BF had taken her spare from her purse. I laughed and said what if you lose your purse that means you lose both your main key and you’re spare.

3 Best Qualities:

  • Patience. I have never met someone as patient as her. She literally has the patience of a saint and her job proves it. She works with kids with behavioral issues that alone should prove how patient she is. I have watched her deal with so many situations from her family, friends, significant other, and work. She is always cool as a cucumber, even in situations where she has every right to be steaming hot; she is always calm and rational. I think that is her blessing in life to be able to handle all the crazies, including me in her life.
  • Loving Nature. What can I say; this lady loves people with all her heart. She may be more selective of those she chooses to let in her life and love, but once you are in her “Circle of Trust” as they say in Meet the Fockers, you are set. Shari will love you no matter what, she will care about you more than any other friend, and she will be the one who will always be there for you. There isn’t a time I can remember, when she hasn’t been there for me.
  • Selflessness. I have never met anyone as selfless as her. If you look up selfless in the dictionary, you should see her picture. She makes sure to take care of her family and friends before her at all times, there isn’t ever a time, I’ve seen her be selfish at all. I always tell her she needs to make sure she takes care of her needs too. For example, remember the Dodo in Ice Age? The one where he says the last melon? Shari would be sharing that last melon with everyone and probably take the smallest bite.

My Most Grateful Moment:

They say that when hard times happen, true friends either fail or they stand by your side. I cannot even express how much Shari has done for me and how thankful I am to have her in my life. It was honestly a blessing in disguise how our friendship came into fruition.

When we first met, I would have never thought how important she would become in my life. She was my partner in crime and partook in all the shenanigans in my hot mess days. We have so many great memories to laugh about from what seemed like ages ago. Now we have both moved on into our adult stage and it’s filled with a different set of memories and sentiments. I truly hope we never stop creating memories together at whatever stage we are at.

Shari is the most loving person I have ever met; she is such a loyal friend, and someone who will never let you down. Sometimes, I don’t know what I did to deserve a friend like her. She listens to me whenever I need her when I’m upset with work, personal situations, and even when I threatened to be a lesbian. Yes, she shakes her head and laughs, but she listens. She is my voice of reason when I’m irrational.

I appreciate her for accepting my extroverted self, even though she is more introverted, sometimes I was afraid I would overwhelm her, but nope, she would never have me any other way.

I will never forget after I got in my car accident, Shari was one of the few friends who I let come over to help me. She came over every single day so we could telework together and she was the reason I got out of bed each day versus just sleeping all day. There wasn’t a day that she did not check on me, even though she is busy with her life, I was always her priority.

Thank you for always taking care of me like a sister, inviting me into your family as if I was born to be a Pirnia, making me laugh with your humor, and just loving me for all time I am.

I mean look, who else gets candy and doogh to dye their hair?


And the rest of our memories from this year…

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