Months of Thanks- Day 2- Brandy

How we met: Apparently, we met a long time ago. Brandy mentioned that I met her last Halloween? I don’t remember and thank goodness for Facebook because apparently there was a picture of us.


The first moment I did remember with her was at Moon’s Christmas Party where we sang karaoke all night long together using her iPhone for lyrics.

Was it love at first sight? We definitely bonded over Karaoke, but it wasn’t fireworks that night. I thought she was so much fun, sweet, and kind, but I didn’t know her that well. Our bond did not transpire until a few hang outs later when we had a chance to talk more, but after we bonded, we were inseparable. Then when we went to Outer Banks, that was where it all changed and we went from being friends to being much more.

Favorite Moments:

  • Dub-stepping. In Outerbanks, we were playing a game where we wrote our answers. One of them was what do you consider a favor in the bedroom. Because of Savoy liking to slap all of our butts, especially with a few drinks in her, I wrote “a little ass slapping.” Apparently, my handwriting is really bad, but when Alex read it, she said “a little dub stepping.” I turned to Brandy and said I think that’s mine and its ass slapping. Brandy could not stop laughing and we ended up in the corner like school kids crying from tears.
  • Selfie Love. Brandy surprised me with sending me a selfie stick and it is the best thing ever. I am very technologically challenged, but it has worked out great. I just love her that she was so thoughtful to do this for me.
  • Paint Nite Fiasco. We went to paint night and Savoy came over to Kevan’s picture and um…did her own piece of artistry. This picture speaks a million words.


3 Best Qualities:

  • Kind-heart. Really her heart has so much love for everyone.  She is just a selfless person, she truly is. She needs a shirt that says sharing is caring.
  • Sparkling personality. What I can tell you about Brandy is that she just makes a big splash everywhere she goes, she is like a beacon of light that people gather around. I truly enjoy being around her.
  • Candid. With Brandy, what you see is what you get. She doesn’t hide who she is. She is raw, real, and honestly hilarious. She doesn’t hide who she is and it is so refreshing to find someone who is as amazing as her these days.

My Most Grateful Moment:

I cannot just pick one moment, but I am grateful for the kindness and positivity that Brandy brings in my life. She is a little ball of energy that can always bring the best out of people. She can make me smile anytime. When she messages me, she doesn’t know, but on the other end, I haven’t even read her message, but just seeing it makes me smile. I love her for her outlook on life, her ability to laugh at any situation, and for being so damn funny and entertaining. She is a trusted confidant, a sounding board when you need advice, and she has nothing but the best intentions for you. She is a fireball, truthful, and loving all in one package. I am so lucky to have her in my life as my friend.

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