thI have been hearing it time and time again when I mention something about myself, my friends will say I didn’t know this about you.  Maybe it’s because I ask more questions than I give answers?  I don’t know, but I’ve never hidden my list of likes and dislikes.

But here are some things you may or may not have known about me.

  1. No pets. You may think I’m a horrible person, but I have never hidden the fact that I like animals from afar.  Hello, I’m the girl that swam with the whale sharks, but I never want a pet. First I’m allergic to dogs and cats, but secondly I also don’t like their fur getting everywhere.
  2. I LOVE to gamble. But because I can’t stop myself, I avoid the casino.  Once I start, I just cannot stop.
  3. No concerts. I really don’t like concerts. I think it’s too loud. I hate standing. I hate being next to people in that close of quarters.  Yes, I may sound like an 80-year-old lady, but it is what it is.
  4. I love the gym. Most people hate the gym, for me, I love it.  It’s my favorite part of the day when I get to go after stressful day and just dance in my Zumba or Total Dance Fitness class.
  5. No sporting events. I don’t care for sports. I couldn’t tell you the rules of almost any sport.  My co-workers made me go to a baseball game, it was miserable and in exchange they now have to watch a make-up tutorial so they can feel the pain I felt for 3 whole hours in the hot sun.
  6. I only had piano lessons for a year. I can still pick up some easy level songs even though I don’t play it regularly.
  7. Negotiating is second nature to me. I hate paying full price when I don’t have to.
  8. Things don’t mean anything to me, especially for emotional attachment. I grew up being the oldest and we were really poor.  So I had to share everything, so for me it’s easy to give away things. The only thing I am very attached to is my baby blanket.
  9. Per the item above, I have a baby blanket. I don’t let anyone touch it, but me or my mom when someone trying to fix it because it has tears in it.
  10. I am horrible at parking a car, especially when the garage has poles. Parallel parking is super hard. Reversing a car into a space is almost impossible for me.
  11. I am the worst person to ever put in charge of navigation. Even when I’m 100% sure to turn right in my head, it will always be the opposite, which is why I never open my mouth anymore.  Honestly, to make our lives easier, always offer to drive.
  12. My favorite thing to do is to watch CNN before bed. Unfortunately, sometimes this means I have dreams like having to escape from the riots in Baltimore.  My dad told me to stop watching it because it will give me grey hairs.
  13. I am not crazy, I am bat-s&*t passionate.
  14. Prefer to drink anything with a straw, even hot coffee.
  15. Obsessed with cheese. All types of cheese, I don’t discriminate.
  16. Love to give random gifts, but really I don’t need anything back.
  17. Music is my life and that’s why it takes me so long to get ready. I dance in the shower, dance while drying my hair, getting my make-up on.
  18. Cutting fruit stinks!  I hate cutting fruit.  I am very slow and it never turns out pretty.
  19. No shoe laces please!  I hate tying my shoes. I know how, but I would prefer never to tie my shoe laces ever again.
  20. I am always late unless it’s for work or some important appointment. If I’m just going to your house, meet you at the mall, gym, etc… Put a 15-minute buffer time in between. I can’t help that I run on Asian time.
  21. I am not a fan of clubs or crowded places.  It’s hot, there’s a lot of germs, people touch you, and you can’t hear after you leave the place.
  22. I am extremely scared of ghosts. Though I have never seen one and I don’t know anyone who has.
  23. I HATE anything spicy, greasy, or fatty. My girls know, when I go out, they can count on me to get salad 90% of the time.
  24. I don’t like being outdoors. Hiking is fine once in a while and a quick walk on a trail, but I hate bugs, especially because mosquitoes love me. I don’t like smelling like the outdoors.
  25. I love to sleep in late. Since I’m at work by 8 AM since forever, on weekends, I’ll sleep in until 11 or even sometimes Noon and I don’t feel ashamed at all.

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