My Boo Boos- Moon, Karen, Savoy, and Panda

I truly believe everyone crosses your path for a reason, but Moon, Karen, Savoy and my life intertwined at exactly the perfect, most opportunistic moment.  It’s funny when people talk about fate and things that are meant to be, this friendship is one of them.  And to be truthful, we are sisters.  We love each other even though every one of us are so different.  We laugh and appreciate our differences, support each other in good times and bad, and in an emergency, we band together and conquer.10409481_10100185497967671_2039981961634502755_nWhen we reminisce about the beginning of our friendship in 2013, we call it the “Summer of Hot Mess,” but it really continued for a year.  But we were all at a very unique point in our lives when we met which built this unique bond and it can’t ever be recreated.

Karen had ended a serious relationship and just wanted to have fun. She wasn’t ready to be tied down to anyone and rebuilding a group of friends to go out with.  Moon was a social butterfly, making friends, enjoying life, and just wanting to be have fun and be and be free.  I had just ended a long-term relationship about a month before I met the girls.  I met him right when I moved so all of my friends were his friends, so I needed to find a whole new group of friends and I wanted to enjoy life and be free.  Savoy is just always down for a good time and I promise you, no one knew how to have a good time better than us.1956822_10100136961395351_165317552_oThe four of us bonded immediately and made a scene wherever we went.  I don’t know how we did it, but were all over the place…clubs, bars, house parties, road trips, you name it we were there.  I joked with Karen that we went out a lot, when I say a lot, it was pretty much Monday to Friday, just kidding, it was Monday to Sunday, so we were all doing sometime pretty much 24/7. 10698693_10100231198468501_1141993549439490383_nEverywhere we went, we got VIP treatment.  We danced the night away, talked to everyone, and we may or may not have danced on tables at one point, we were a lot of fun.  And during that year, we had enough stories combined to be our own Sex and the City series.13239247_10100527208691641_8827252262743062840_nWe made a lot of friends that year and a lot of good memories as we made our way through every nook and cranny of the DMV.  And the best part, all the friends we met that year are still our friends to date.  The only ones that fell by the wayside were the unfortunate men we met out that either ended up being a total disappointment, incompatible, crazy, or in many of our cases, they wanted to lock us down and we weren’t ready.12391324_1083342941689636_5988886872486830184_nBut the four of us became inseparable through those experiences together.  We had constant group messages going on all the time. We shared everything with each other, there wasn’t a secret we kept from each other and the word TMI never existed and still doesn’t. 13315809_10100529629096131_8509456909592798709_nEveryone knew if they saw one of us out, in a few minutes the rest would appear.  Eventually, we called each other “boo boo” and that nickname just stuck and eventually transformed into the “boobz” thanks to Savoy who always saying lolzzzz.  We can have three different conversations and when one person says boo boo, we know exactly who they are addressing.  I can’t explain how, I can’t explain why, and none of our friends can figure it out either.

We went out more in that year than most in their entire life the first year we met, which is why 4 years later, almost all of us have retired from that scene.  We’ve traded our glamorous life for a much slower pace and wallet friendly life.

Year 1– The theme of our first year of friendship was having fun together.

1490601_721196951237572_1181665970_oYear 2-The theme in second year was about becoming family.  I don’t say it lightly when I say that year really brought our friendship to a sisterhood.  Of course we still went out and dated, but during that year all of us battled our own demons, but we never had to battle it by ourselves. 1531764_10100716332221433_4794043698490220085_oSavoy opened up her home to us during every holiday.  Her family became our family.  And that year, Savoy’s mom had a horrible stroke and all of us were there to support her through all the struggles and frustrations.

Moon, oh Moon, those were the days of your crazy ex and we spent months trying to get rid of him and then you met your soulmate.  It was also the same year that you changed your job and moved too.  It was a lot of change.

Karen was focused on getting a new job, more money, getting out of debt, and getting a home.  That was also the year of several men who were just utter disappointments.  We knew of each one of them and were sad when they went south, but we knew each time you would find better.  And during one trip to New Orleans, when a plane was delayed Moon opened her home up when your plane came in at midnight.

For me, it was the year of my accident, my life wasn’t about partying anymore. It was about physical therapy and doctor appointments to handle my memory issues.  And after that, my horrible situation at work.  The girls stood by my side every time I needed to vent, cry, or I felt like giving up.  When I felt crazy or sick, the girls were there to lift my spirits.13516605_10100543705317271_770280268135260318_nYear 3–  The theme of year three was slowing down our life and it wasn’t on purpose.  We didn’t go out as much, we worked on ourselves, and we focused on our careers.  It just happened that way and I think it was the perfect timing.  Moon got engaged and bought a new house.  Savoy was transitioning jobs.  I was still looking for a new job, traveling, and learning how to handle a messy relationship.  Karen ended the year with a new house, a new job, a new outlook on life, and an unexpected relationship that blossomed. 10402663_10154471001227576_1870426320591349649_n12646969_10104314737692928_654162590567369455_nYear 4– As we enter year four, I honestly cannot believe how quickly time flies.  Our friendship is at a better place than ever and as we have grown, so has our friendship.  Moon got married with her super amazing boobzies by her side as her bridesmaids.  Savoy got a new job, relaxing, and enjoying life. We just celebrated a milestone birthday for her. Karen is finally going on her dream trip to Germany, her house is almost done, and she’s in a good place with her relationship that blossomed last year.  I got a new job, went through a cleanse and of all the negative people in my life, and of course traveling as much as ever.13344587_10100529628287751_7381919148848386494_nThis picture at the beach was taken in 201410499336_829789463711653_3760382366252768927_oNow in 2016, a better version with all the Boobzies.

13662101_10210345039481497_3865443673348621685_oBoo boo, I love you all so much. You are all very special in my heart and you are my family.  I cannot wait to see where life takes us.

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