You know the saying that wine gets better with age…Well, I do not know that from personal experience, but I’ll trust what others say. This year will be my parent’s 30th anniversary.

It’s rare to find a couple that is as opposite, crazy, but so in love as them. It’s partially because I think my Dad is so compassionate and sweet to my Mom. He knows she’s crazy like me and my sisters, but still loves her. One day he gave some advice to my brother in-law that I’m sure has kept him sane throughout the years: Shake your head and let it go out the other ear.

My parents came to spend a weekend with me in Ashburn, VA. Here is what I noticed about their relationship and I think we can all take a piece to make our relationships better:
1. Compassion. Even after all these years, my Dad still holds my Mom’s purse.
2. Laughter. My Dad and Mom laugh over everything including 10 minutes at the Talking Tom app.
3. Exploring. My parents just explore together. They have no purpose, no plans, but they always seem to have fun doing whatever they do.
4. Acting young.
a. My Mom bought me leopard print leggings and told me they are all the style. They did not have her size, but if they did she would rock it.
b. She brought me bright pink lipstick and told me I need to be like her and wear fuchsia lipstick because it shimmers in the sun.
c. My Mother went to my local grocery store with me. The cashier (20 years old) told my mom she loved mangoes since my Mother just bought some. Then she told my Mom that she loved her make-up. IDK if she was a little entranced, but she followed us out and told my Mom that she should do Youtube videos. My darling Mother said, “Oh, no one watch my videos” giggling. The girl said she would. FYI- it stinks that my Mom looks like she is a teenager
d. After the compliment, my Mom hit my Dad and said, “See you should be proud of your young wife old man.”
5. Taking life slow. Both my parents never seem rush as I do. I swear I was born to move swift, but my parents just take it a day at a time and it seems to work.




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