Lisa and I first met in 2010 in China.  I was there for an MBA trip and met Lisa through Paul, a mutual friend.  We both clicked from the beginning. We loved taking a million pictures, Hannah Montana, Justin Bieber, and clothes.

That was it.  Instant best friends forever!  I absolutely love this girl.  The more time I spend with her, the more we are twins.

We wear pink heels with a black dress and we can even share clothes.

*I had to come back and write Lisa a more special post. Another year and our friendship has grown even more. The more time we spend together, the more we find out we are twins. So many of the reasons I love our friendship is that we can talk for hours straight without a breath in between, but we can also be in the same room messing around on Facebook, instagram, and the Internet for hours without saying a word. I think the test of a true relationship weather in a friendship or romantically is the fact that you are just comfortable together.  For friends to be in a room for hours in silence, that means we have reached the ideal friendship.  My twin and I are so similar its insane. We talk alike, we think alike, we even take pictures of the same things without knowing it.

Twin, I am so lucky that you and I met each other in China. That day changed the rest of our lives. They say that some people are meant to come into our life for a moment while others are meant to stay, you are meant to stay. Even when we don’t speak for weeks, when we do catch up, it’s like time never stopped. You understand texting is better for me and it is my preference. You love me for being very organized and adult like when I need to, but you love me for being silly too. Thank you for trusting me with all your secrets and letting me trust you with mine.

I just love you twin.

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  1. Twin! You are amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better friend. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I’m so happy we get to grow through life together. Right now you are going through a tough transition and I hope you know that I am always just a text, phone call, fb message or email away! I’m so glad we get to grow through life together 🙂 Chicago was amazing and I wish I could relive those days. Can’t wait for our next trip twin! Love you.

  2. Oops, I wrote I’m so glad we get to grow through life together twice haha. Well that’s how you know I really mean it! Lol. Looking forward to many more happy memories twin!!

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