PhotoGrid_1392057903927Since the accident, I’ve been in a rental car until I could get a new car.  The rental place put me in a Prius, I am all about going green, but I will tell you that Prius has absolutely ZERO horsepower.  I decided I wanted to get a CRV, after the accident, I want to be in a bigger car.  If someone hits me in a CRV, my left booty is high enough in the air not to be injured again.

 I wanted a Pilot or Highlander, my best friend Sanam looked at me and axed that idea very quickly.  I have never had to buy a car by myself, so it was an eye-opening experience.  My dad negotiated both of my cars that I’ve owned. When I bought my Honda, he had already pre-negotiated all the prices. I had a choice between a silver Accord or a silver Camry.  My dad knows me well; if he gives me too many options, I can’t decide, so he narrowed it down and had me test drive just two options.  Once I picked it, we went and signed the paperwork.

Well…I thought I could handle buying a car on my own, I am an adult after all. Wrong. I had so many of my guy friends offer to come and help me negotiate, but I did not want to bother them, but I learned that I never want to buy a car again without a man.  It took me 4 hours, by the end of negotiations I was almost in tears. Literally, I had tears coming out of my eyes.  I am sure most people did not have the car buying experience that I did. 

1-      No food. I went straight from work and got to the dealership at 6. I did not leave until 11 PM once the paperwork was signed. As I was driving, I kept thinking should I get a taquito at 7-11?  Then I said no because I did not think it would take that long.  There was one point where I asked if I could go to 7-11, but they said no. I was starving. Lesson learned…eat before negotiating.

2-      4 hour negotiation…Yes, it took 4 hours to get out of the dealership, I was the last one at the place and by the end of negotiations I was done. When I told Sunmeel, he said, hey it took me 7 hours for mine, so you did fine.  I was so hard core at my negotiating that the guy was like I give up, this is the best I can do…management is going to let you walk.  When they let someone walk, you know you hit the bottom price.

3-      My phone almost died.  I had to charge the phone using the USB cord from my car, which is not that long, so I kept having to text over the salesman’s desk.

4-      Dating older? The salesman asked me if I would ever date an older. I told him 8 years is my limit. He said, oh so I don’t have a chance?  I told him sorry, no. So he proceeded to tell me the benefits of dating an older man.  I told him, sorry, you have not sold me on that.

5-      Those lashes. Jose, another salesman swooped in at the end of the night, asking if he could help me on Geico, etc…He told me he remembers me and he’s seen me before. I laughed, but then he came back and said, I remember you because of those beautiful lashes.  I told him BS, these lashes are new, I just got them done, so there is no way he could remember me by them. 

6-      Late for a date. I had a date waiting at Reston Town Center for almost 3 hours for me to come.  I kept showing the text messages to the salesman and it made him move slower. My date kept saying he’s coming down and negotiating on my behalf.

The salesman asked where did you guys meet?  We met the Wholefoods.  I have only met one other man who was as patient to wait as long as he did for a date. When I finally got to RTC, he said he’d wait 5 more hours for me.  Sadly, I went ghost after that because after knowing each other for 3 weeks, I told Sanam he told me I was the perfect woman and that he could see a beautiful partnership and that he wants to be engaged in 6 months. I asked him if he was dying, yes dying. Only people who are dying would set that timeline.

Sanam was laughing and asked the same thing. Honestly…hottest man I ever dated, even hotter than my first boyfriend when I was in college that Idalia wants to slap me for leaving.  Even Mike was like if that guy was into me, I’d go for it.  Well, I did, but um…yeah, but the cray crayness outweighed him on the hotness scale. It makes you wonder if he really is dying???

7-      No make-up. So in my head, I thought I would just sign the paperwork and head home to put on a cute outfit, nope. I could not keep my date waiting, so I asked all the women if anyone had make-up. It was a fail, but Sanam was like you did not. I said, yes I did.

8-      No credit card needed. By the end of the night, everyone was so tired; they forgot to take my down payment.

They hugged me when I finally walked out. I’m sure they were thinking OMG…if I ever see this girl again, it’s too soon.  Well, I saw them the next day to pick up my floor mats, they all came running and asked if something was wrong.  I said, nope, just picking up my floor mats.

Overall I think I did a good job.  Sunmeel said I did good and a few of my guy friends confirmed I got a good deal, so done and done. I walked away with $3000 below MRSP, free lifetime inspection and safety, 2 years service, and all season floor mats all by myself, but next time I will never go in by myself again.

So ladies…lesson learned…I am all about being independent, but it just makes your life so much easier to get a man to go in there and negotiate your deal, so you just close your eyes, grab the keys, and drive off with a fantastic new car.

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