If you have not heard the term coined the “Gilded Age,” it may not be such a bad thing. This was an era of extreme wealth in the 1800s when America was just being industrialized. Well known legacies today include the Vanderbilt and Carnegie families.

My bestie Alyssa is moving back to the west coast, San Diego to be exact. I’m not going to lie, but I’m a little bit jealous! I miss how kind and welcoming people are in the west coast.

We decided to spend the weekend together one last time before she leaves in mid-May. Alyssa is one of my favorite people. She is definitely a free spirit and has moved constantly for the past 10 years for school.

We picked Newport since neither of us has been there. I love it! It is such a cute town and everyone dresses so preppy up there. I feel like the entire town knows that you better have your boat shoes, polos, and fedora hats ready.

We went to see two of the mansion: The Breakers and the Elms. It was beautiful, but a little eerie. Both Alyssa and I talked a lot about how it would be to be in an era where you see so much disparity in wealth. These mansions were made with such fine materials that they cannot even put a pricetag based on today’s standards.

*Also, make sure you grab dinner before 8 PM. Most of the restaurants close early! We had to hunt all over and ended up having Taco Bell. We had the Doritos Locos Tacos…Both flavors are delicious. A heart attack wrapped up in a taco, but you have to try it once.

If you have a chance to go to Newport, RI, here are a few places that we would recommend:
Mansion Tour
Cliff Walk (Taking pics with the daffodils are a must)
Newport Creamery. The maple walnut and pistachio are amazing.
Hungry Monkey. We did not get a chance to go there because they close at random hours, but who would not want to eat at a place named hungry monkey?

To Alyssa…I am very proud of your for going for your dreams. Your next chapter will be amazing and I hope to be there through every joyful and stressful moment. Thanks for being my bestie since we were 15 years old and honestly, who would have ever thought that our journeys would lead us to where we are today.

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