It’s a little crazy to think it has been 2 weeks since the accident. In so many ways it still seems like a bad dream.

My sweet parents came to visit me to make sure I was ok. In reality I am doing better than expected, but still hurt but I found out through this accident that I do not like making anyone worry. I decided I’m pretty good at pretending I’m ok.

My neighbors, Sanam, Shari, and so many people went out of their way to take care of me. Sanam always asked if she can take me grocery shopping or feed me.

Each day my parents, my friends or coworkers asked if I am doing ok. I tell them I’m better or fine, but really I’m not, but what’s better for their hearts? To hear that I’m ok, or know my body hurts all the time.

In reality, I am horrible and I cry in the shower or walk away at times to the bathroom when the pain is too much? Every time I turn left in the dark at the same spot I panic.

No I tell them I am better because I hate for them to worry. I cannot stand my mom crying over me nor making my friends upset.

The bruises start from my hip and go down to my ankles and other ones still appear. I am sure for people who do not know that I was in the accident that I look like I am like Rihanna and like a good beating.

Unfortunately I am not going to lie here. I am going to tell u readers the truth. At times, I do get tired of pretending I am ok.

I still cannot walk as quickly as I used to…even getting out of the bed hurts my leg and hip and my knee still does not move like normal. My hands go numb from time to time. My fingers and toes are cold the doctor thinks from the muscle on my neck. As for my neck and back…let’s not talk about it. I wake up at night from what feels like burning up and down my back.

I went back to work and lead my first training on Tuesday; I have not stood up for an hour straight since the accident. I started leaning on the table from the pain. After the training, I excused myself to take 4 Advil, my co-worker Beth came running down and was like are you ok? You started going pale and I was afraid you’d pass out.

It’s a blessing I’m alive, but literally this girl’s selfishness changed my life. I now have to go to physical therapy 3 times a week. I’m hoping PT for a few months will make most of the injuries go away and I will be 100% ok.

Cross your fingers!

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  1. Twin! This post makes me so sad 🙁 I feel like such an awful friend. I had no idea the pain was so bad! My poor poor twin. I will forever hate that dumb bitch for causing you pain and making your life 10 times more complicated! Have you been talking to lawyers?

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