Once upon a time, my BF Sanam took S and I to “Fins and Feathers” to see some cute English bulldogs. Sanam and I loved the puppies, but S made friends with a giant McCaw. I guess you can call it love at first sight or sqwak.

The bird’s name is Boo Boo. I have never seen him as happy as he is when he is with Boo Boo. Sometimes he goes back just to see his buddy. The worst part is that S will pretend he is interested in buying one, so he ends up talking to the owner for like an hour.

Because of his obsession, I nickname S Boo Boo as well, but maybe he does not understand terms of endearment. Usually you call your female lover sweetheart, dear, or honey. Nope, S calls me boo boo too.

Our conversations sometimes goes like this:
Me: Boo boo where are you?
S: Boo boo?
Me: Yes boo.
S: Boo boo where are you?

Yep, we just made a complete circle of boo boos. Awesome.

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