IMG_100694938747061I have always been the most wholesome girl. That I will never change, I have my strong set of values and if a man cannot respect it, he can see the door. For the past two years, I dedicated my life to one man for two years. I was so loyal to S that I remember one night out at Lima with his friends, some of the men told S how lucky he was that I never left his side. I’m never going to do that again, now it’ll be their turn to do whatever to keep me. As my bestie Yasi told me, never ever treat a man so well again, they always need to chase you.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve made so many new friends. I’ve started dating and I’ve started living everything on my bucket list.

Now, I’m going to try everything I want. I don’t want to commit to anyone; I’m living a free lifestyle as my other bestie Sanam says, it’s the best way to be. Obviously, being the good, clean-cut, loyal girl only gets me hurt. I’ve honestly become the person that says, I’ll text you when I want, I’ll see you when I’m free, and accept me for the free spirit that I am. No one would have ever believed I would be that person 2 years ago.

I never thought I would need a crazy weekend out with my girlfriends after a break-up, but absolutely I encourage every girl to be a hot mess for a weekend. This weekend was my one weekend. We went out to Barcode and a few other places. I’ve never had so many shots and been the one that had to be rallied at the end of the night, usually I’m the DD.

I think this weekend of crazy shenanigans was the best thing for me, but definitely one weekend was enough. It was so liberating. I danced, talked to whomever, and we even randomly got into some guy’s VIP table and got free drinks all night.

Lessons Learned:
1. Do not FB. My spelling was correct, but I have no idea what I was writing to people.
2. Do not have your phone. I send gibberish to people and text wrong people. I woke up and said…OMG…I said that? I sent who what? Whoops.
3. Fast food is the best. I always wondered why I had to drive my friends to Taco Bell, McDonald’s, 7-11 after a crazy night out. Now I understand. Those french fries can save your life.
4. Drink a lot of water and take Advil immediately.
5. Do not let me ask guys if they are Persian, I need to not date another Persian. Yes, I did that. There were 3 guys who talked to me and I said, “Are you Persian?” They all said no and I walked away.

If you ever break up and need that person to take you out, call me. My girlfriends took me out and I will do the same for you. I’m not suggesting this as a lifestyle, but one weekend to just be free. Forget about the pain, the hurt, the memories.


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  1. Hahaha, this is why you’re my twin 🙂 As classy as we are… we need a crazy night to let loose and not think about stupid men and how shitty they make us feel. I have had MANY a drunken night and I don’t regret them at all.
    I love my twin!!!

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