images7O78020SIn the story of Rapunzel, a beautiful girl was kept captive in a tower in the middle of the woods. One day, a prince was riding through the forest and heard her singing.  He fell in love with the voice instantly and hunted through the forest to find her.  Once he did, he did everything to be with her forever.

In 2015, would a man go to the lengths that the prince did for a girl.  The answer is simply no, it would be way too much work and it’s much easier to go for the low-hanging fruit.  And the modern day Rapunzel would categorize a man trying too hard as a stalker, crazy, or simply pathetic or in slang terms…thirsty.

If Rapunzel existed, she would stay in that tower by choice.  All the men that passed the tower would immediately give up because it would be too hard to get up to her window.  They would yell at her in disbelief when she threw her hair down and said climb up, instead they would ask where the elevator was.  If she said she doesn’t have one, they would probably ask her to give them a buzz once she gets one built.

For those who did take that extra effort to climb up the tower, I bet a fairly large handful would tell her they will call her the next day, but since she’s locked away in a tower, they know it’s an easy escape. Eventually, sweet Rapunzel would rather live happily ever after by herself then deal with all the headaches associated with dating.

This analogy came about one day when my co-worker ran into my office and threw up her hands in the air and said “I give up on men.”

Immediately, I turned to her and said you are preaching to the choir. Karen and I know can relate to how she feels.  For every good prince, there is always a “but”… But he isn’t ready to settle, but he just wants to focus on his career, but he doesn’t want kids.

images9EZPFMLVDisney and other romance movies have made us expect that all men will be like Aladdin and take you away on a magic carpet ride or climb up a ladder made of hair for his fair maiden.  When I told Maggie this, she just looked at me and said why, I want a prince, a real man and stormed of my office.

Ladies…I hate to say it, but like Santa Claus, fairy tales are just…fairy tales.  Maybe you have moments like Taylor Swift, “Today is a fairytale,” emphasis on the word today.


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