Re-Introduction of Me

I’ve had people ask when my next blog post will be… I didn’t have an answer.  All I have are half written posts that I never had the heart to finish.  Aline recently asked me why I stopped taking photos with my SLR.  I used to have carry the camera everywhere I went.

My writing took a pause, and my photography took a longer halt.  Why did I stop doing the two things I loved?

I originally started my blog back in 2011 to keep my friends in Utah updated on my new adventure in DC.  It’s hard to admit, but that was when social media started so I always joke that I was the “OG” of blogging.

Back then, I wrote from my heart.  My posts reflected my voice. Then I started traveling the world in 2013 with my best friend Lisa and my blog started documenting my travel mishaps and I started to write my blog based on travel requests and niche topics, which is what every “how to grow a blog” article recommends.  I realized by doing that, I lost my love of writing. 

My personality doesn’t do niche, I like a little bit of this and that.  This means that I may not grow quickly, but it will be me.  Writing was cathartic for me, I talked about profound or interesting conversations with my friends, dating fiascos or travel disasters.  I didn’t care if my people liked it or not.

Going forward, I’m going to write about what makes me happy and that’s my life experiences even if it doesn’t get the most views.

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