Reach for the Stars Bucket List

As much as I tell everyone I’m not an ambitious person, I guess somewhere deep down I am. Here are my wild, crazy, out of this world goals. I don’t know if I will ever even check one item off my list, but I’m writing it down just in case.

  1. Write a New York Best Seller
  2. Write a screenplay
  3. Fly first class internationally
  4. Get a speaking part in a movie
  5. Get a speaking part in a TV series
  6. Appear on a reality tv show
  7. Be published on a magazine cover
  8. Walk in a Fashion Show
  9. Go to Fashion Week in Paris
  10. Go to Fashion Week in New York
  11. Get an invite to the Met Gala
  12. Find a Diamond at Diamond Park, AK
  13. Invent something and appear on Shark Tank
  14. Friend someone famous
  15. Have a video go viral
  16. Get 100K followers on IG
  17. Speak at a conference
  18. Create some cosmetic product
  19. Be a guest on a famous podcast
  20. Get interviewed on TV for anything
  21. Do stand-up comedy
  22. Break a Guinness record
  23. Compete in a pageant
  24. Be on a Bravo Show
  25. Be in a Hallmark movie
  26. Ring the NASDAQ Bell

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