I always joke about the fact that I’m not sure why people love me. Paolo tells me it is because I’m weird. When I tell him a story or do something, he’s like only you, but this is why I love you.

So one fine day, he decided to make a list of reasons why I’m weird versus why he loves me. I appreciate the fact that my obsession with list making is rubbing off on him.

Why he thinks I’m weird:

  • Constantly want to search for unicorns.
  • Think everyone is a horse and I want to play horsie like a 5 year old.
  • Half-listen to him even when he’s trying to tell me something beneficial. Again, he just shakes his head at times.
  • Told him if I die, I will haunt people just to spook them by making “mehhh” aka horse noise.

Why he loves me:

  • I absolutely love kids. I have the biggest soft spot for kids and he has some of the cutest nieces and nephews and he loves that I treat them as my own.


  • Never-ending stories. I always have a story to tell and life is NEVER boring. Even getting an x-ray at the doctors becomes an adventure in my world.
  • Surprises are my specialty. His favorite moment was when I surprised him with a cake and tie for his birthday. He had no idea.


  • Like, like, like. I love liking things on Facebook and I LOVE having my stuff liked. So anytime I see anything that pops up on Facebook that he posted, especially albums, I go and like everything so when he wakes up all his notifications have my name on it. He says he feels so loved and wanted when I do that.


  • Ignorance is bliss. Um…so I live in a bubble and miss a lot of sexual innuendos and honestly jokes in general are hard for me to understand, so innuendos are even harder. It’s like trying to learn Mandarin for me.
  • Party, party, party! I love going out, if there is a party and an excuse to dress up, count me in.
  • Leaving on a jet plane. I am never on the ground enough for grass to grow. I’m always going somewhere and he loves that adventurous side of me.
  • And the grand finale…The top off the list, he says I’m so friendly to people, they can’t help but love me. Plus I’m a unicorn, as he says I am rare and there is no one else there out there like me. Hehe.

So I guess next time he says I’m weird, I will take it with a grain of salt and realize that overall he loves me more than he believes I am weird. If not, well too bad because…


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