S was working out in Yuma for 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, when he’s traveling for work, we barely speak.  One night S tells me to chat with him. Here is our conversation:

  • S:            “Guess what I did? I tried to feed a coyote my cold cut trio from subway.”
  • Me:        OMG, that is so dangerous. They could kill you!  Why would you do that?
  • S:            I said, come here doggy and my co-workers said not to do that.
  • Me:        Seriously, what was going through your head? At least were you feeding the coyote from inside the trailer?
  • S:            No, I was outside.  They are so skinny and I was bored LOL.
  • Me:        They kill humans!  I am so angry that you did that.
  • S:            Ok, ok I not do it again.
  • Me:        Whatever. I will just enjoy the time I have with you now.  Whatever I say you will not listen anyways.  Go ahead and feed coyotes, swim with sharks, and play with the wolves…I don’t care.
  • S:            I will never do it again.
  • Me:        Repeat after me…I will never ever…EVER feed a coyote again.

I know what you are all thinking; anyone with common sense would know they are dangerous.  I am as speechless as you all are as you read this.


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