s1539246-main-heroAbout 2 months ago, I went to get my eyebrows done, Sanam A got confused, she thought my eyebrows were my lashes because they grow straight out. I have apparently lived my entire life with different eyebrows.

She says I have “special brows.” So I have been on a hunt for something to manage my eyebrows.

Debbie and I love Sephora. Who does not? We came across Gimmie Brow Benefit at Sephora and I love it! It not only darkens, but it has gel to help shape your brows.

It’s $22, but definitely worth it. You don’t have to use much and the brush really helps make it easy to apply. I do maybe 3 strokes per eyebrow, just be careful not to press too hard because it’ll make your eyebrows look unnatural.

Debbie loved it so much, she got one too. We both use it daily, unless I’m closing out a quarter or a year. Beauty goes out the drain at that point, but after March 31, I’ll be back to my make-up routine.

Hope you enjoy an eyebrow make-over. Seriously, good eyebrows can make or break a face.  Too thin makes you look harsh, too thick hides your eyes, etc…

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